Thursday, 24 May 2012

From one of Borneon Young Generation

03rd Day of Rejab 1433 H : Salam, greetings all members of SSKM. It`s been a long time I didn`t post anything in this group. Just wanna tell u guys. A true story from me.

~ I was a Malaysian@Malaya lover BEFORE I further my study in Malaya. I`m very patriotic with Malaysia@Malaya. I love Bahasa Melayu, I kiss the Malaysian flag almost everyday. I hate English because my Malaya spirit during that time was very strong.

~ Then, once I further my study in Malaya and get to know the cultures there for more than a year, WHHAAAAATT???!!! Very rude society with the "Peerrgghh", "Eyk", "Weyh babi! Ko kat mane gile???" I mean, WTH man? After all these years I watch the 1MALAYSIA@MALAYA advert in the television, it`s like that slogan is just a rhetoric! Huh!

~ Anyway, thanks Malaya & Malayan people for making me realise that you guys are such a good actors & actresses, damn hipocrits! And, thanks, for making me realise that I`m a Borneoan with the, "Seluruh Malaysia, TERMASUK SABAH & SARAWAK" quote. Dh seluruh Malaysia, mengapa perlu letak "TERMASUK SABAH & SARAWAK???" Oh ya, Sabah & Sarawak is in BORNEO! Yaah! Yakumadah!

"While I breathe I hope!" | "I undertake & I achieve!"

Member of SSKM since November 2011 M. A #38 petition signer.

P/S: Oh ya, thanks Malayan people for making too much noise when buying Kek Lapis & souvenirs when you guys come here, to Sarawak, Borneo. Very irritating la. Suara sampey ke langit! Huh! Beli kek lapis berkotak-kotak. Kedak sik kalak makan benda nyaman.


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