Thursday, 17 May 2012

S’wak must take ownership of education | Free Malaysia Today

“Even the Education Minister (Muhyiddin Yassin) is not sure exactly how good or bad the educational system is. “In April, he was reported to have claimed that Malaysia’s education is ‘one of the best in the world and that it is better than that being provided in the United States, Germany and also the United Kingdom’.

“However, in (last) Sunday’s papers, he was reported to have said that the government’s 10 to 15-year target to achieve an education system on par with, or better than those of developed countries, was realistic.

Bian said despite 50 years of independence, Sarawak had little to celebrate in relation to its ties with the Federation of Malaysia. He said the rights of Sarawak as stated in the 18-points agreement have been “slowly and insidiously eroded without anyone realizing it. “In this regard it is time we take heed of what is rightfully ours,” he said drawing attention to several points under the 18-Points Agreement for the state government to look into.



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