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Sarawak Independence Day: Broadcast in Melbourne Australia on 19 July at "Plenty Valley FM 88.6"

Hello Brothers and Sisters...

From Australia...

How are you & how is the preparations for Sarawak Independence Day 22 July? Radio Free Sarawak also mentioned this day and published the 18 Points Agreement. Do you follow their broadcasts?

You may be interested to published this news item on Sarawak Independence Day was broadcast in Melbourne Australia on 19 July at "Plenty Valley FM 88.6" . 

The Sarawak national anthem was played at the end of the comment.

The broadcast was made in response to the news passed on by you. (Thanks). 


This coming Sunday the London based movement call Sabah Sarawak Keluar Malaysia or SSKM has organised an international celebration of Sarawak Independence Day on 22 July. 

Similar celebrations are also being organised in the Sarawak capital Kuching on Borneo Island and other Sarawak cities and towns, London, Kuala Lumpur and in Dubai. In Australia and New Zealand private celebrations have been planned.

Sarawak was an independent sovereign state also known as land of the White Rajahs from 1841 to 1941. It was recognized as sovereign state by the United States in 1850 and Britain in 1863. 

The State of Sarawak came into being when the English adventurer James Brooke was rewarded with a part of present day Sarawak by the Brunei Sultanate in 1841 for assisting the Sultan to put down a local rebellion. The Sultan recognised James Brooke as the ruler and Rajah of Sarawak. From that time the first and Second Rajahs began to expand the territory of Sarawak to its present day size. Sarawak was recognized as sovereign state by the United States in 1850 and Britain in 1863. 

Sarawak celebrated its 100 years as an independent Kingdom in 1941 and a new Constitution was passed which promised the transition to an independent democratic state from Brooke rule. 

In December 1941 Japan invaded and occupied Sarawak till 1945. After the war Britain took over and ruled Sarawak as colony in 1946 when the Third Rajah Charles Vyner Brooke sold Sarawak to Britain for a large sum of money.

This was called "cession of Sarawak" as colony to Britain and was strongly opposed by many Sarawakians. 

The anti-cession and independence movement of Sarawak had the sympathy and support of Anthony Brooke the Tuan Muda or heir apparent to the Sarawak Kingdom. Anthony Brooke passed away in March this year. He was 98 years old. Born in 1911 he lived through the reign of the second and third Rajahs and was a part of Sarawak's history. 

He continues to be held in high regards by many Sarawakians because of his leadership in the early struggle for Sarawak independence in which he led the non violent anti-cession movement to oppose Sarawak being colonized by Britain. He was banned from returning to Sarawak after 1946 but continued to lead the anti-cession movement until 1951. 

While he was overseas things got out of hand when in Dec 1949 members of a splinter group of the movement assassinated of the British Governor Duncan Stewart . The Governor had been transferred from Palestine to Sarawak which was thought to be more peaceful. 

Anthony Brooke's activities were suppressed by the British colonial office but he continued to his relationship with Sarawak till his death. Since the 1960s he formed and led a movement called “Peace through Unity” which has a webpage under this name. He was silent on the topic about the incorporation of Sarawak into Malaysia.

Before his passing he drew attention to - The Brooke motto: “Dum Spiro Spero - while I breathe I hope - is a sentiment both of us have taken to heart and aspire to express in all we do”. This is also Sarawak's motto.

On 22 July 1963 Sarawak gained independence from British colonial rule while Sabah became independent on 31 August 1963. By 16 September 1963 both states were incorporated into the new federation Malaysia proposed by Britain and Malaya. 

Many critics see this as the annexation of Sabah and Sarawak by the Malayan Gov't and that Britain's had hastily divested its responsibility to the Sarawak & Sabah people by forcing them into the control of the new replacement colonial master.


The words of the song slightly update are:

“Fair Land Sarawak 
We will never cease to honour thee 
and with our loyal sons (& daughters) 
Defend your liberty 

From your high forest hills, 
Down to the open sea 
May freedom ever reign 
All of us Live in Unity 

Proudly our Flag flies high 
above our Country Strong and Free 
Long may our People live 
in Peace and harmony”



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