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(excerpts from journal of the North Borneo Historical Society) April 9

"Sheikh Azahari bin Sheikh Mahmud (1928/29–2002), better known as A.M. Azahari, was a Brunei politician turned rebel.

Azahari strongly objected to the Sultan's idea for Brunei's membership in the Federation of Malaysia, along with British North Borneo (which was later renamed to Sabah), Sarawak and Singapore.

" …., there was also doubt about the motives of the possible rebels. What did they want? Much of this has to do with the enigmatic performance of Azahari. In September 1962, The Borneo Bulletin had two statements on the front page from Azahari. In one he talked about a meeting with leaders in Sarawak and North Borneo to press for the creation of “an independent federation of Borneo.”

In the other, in an interview with the Sultan, he pledged the support of his party to the ruler’s acceptance in principle of the proposed plan for Malaysia.

Early in December, Azahari announced that three motions would be proposed at the first meeting of the new Legislative Council:

(i) Rejecting Malaysia.

(ii) Requesting the restoration of Brunei sovereignty over Sarawak and North Borneo.

(iii) Calling for a British grant of independence to a Borneo federation not later than 1963.

The Party Rakyat appear to have been genuine in their belief that the findings of the Cobbold Commission were fraudulent and had hopes of popular support in Sarawak and North Borneo.

The Sultan of Brunei saw the uprising as a rebellion against joining the Federation. In this sense the popular mood contrasted sharply with the views of the Sultan’s closest advisors. Many of the appointed members of the Legislative Council were happy in principle to be part of the new Malaysia; though some voiced doubts and concerns over the concessions demanded by Kuala Lumpur.

The Sultan had no intention of surrendering his sovereignty to the PRB by fleeing the country. The Sultan and the people shared one thing in common. They were fed up with the protracted negotiations over the new Federation. The people feared their country would be coerced into joining; the Sultan believed that while Brunei was a Protectorate with very considerable control over its affairs, Malaya was a former colony. "

- by: Dato’ Haji Harun Bin Haji Abdul Majid
MPhil. (King’s College, London)

— with Dumaring Talajou."

"In North Borneo , there were the majorities of British officials , who have serve decades of their life in North Borneo who were of the similar stand as that of Azahari , but , their Govt in London opposed the views of their officials who have a more understanding of the situations among the natives and people of North Borneo"

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North Borneo Historical Society
January 23

Some recorded historical quotes prior to the Formation of Malaysia by Fuad Stephens ( by Bob Reece,Emeritus Professor in History at Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia.) -

" people feel that if North Borneo joins Malaya now as a state, it would in fact mean that North Borneo would become not a state but a colony of the Federation of Malaya.

As I have said before, THESE FEARS ARE GENUINE. Not actually fear or suspicion of the sincerity of Malaya to take us on as an equal partner but more the fear that by virtue of our status as a British colony we would automatically become a second-class state or a colony of Malaya…

We must have at least self-government before we can talk, before we , the people of the country, can decide for ourselves whether we want to become partners in Malaysia. Self-government for us is a pre-requisite to final settlement of the Malaysia question “.

The questions as to why Fuad Stephens made a u-turn regarding the Malaysian Agreement , answers by Dr.Bob Reece in an interview with Daily Express ....." I think Stephens was under colossal pressure. I think KL was exerting a lot of pressure. The Brits were exerting pressure, so that was why Stephens cracked.

And I think the big factor was the British pressure along the lines of, well, 'if you go your way, that's fine but we won't protect you. We will only give you military protection against the Indonesians on the basis if you join Malaysia and Malaysian protection'.

And at that point, things were blowing up in Indonesia."

Indonesia opposed Malaysia as a "neo-colonial" scheme to continue colonisation of the Borneo colonies under Malayan rule.

The facts speak for themselves. No self-rule, No Borneonisation, No oil, nothing but poverty.

Thanks UMNO Malaysia!

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