Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sabah and Sarawak never joined Malaysia but establish Malaysia!


This is the things that all the people of both States, Sabahan and Sarawakian confused. This was due to the Malaysian Education System which was well designed to blind the Young Generation about their real history.  They were taught that Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaysia and became the twelve and thirteen states of Federation of Malaysia. They were told also that their independent day was 31st August 1957.

We would like to seek for support from the United Nations and the United Kingdom to intervene the situation in these two Borneo States for they became the victims of this manipulated history and political power. As we all know, that these Borneo States always remain as the members of Commonwealth because these both State were the former of British Colony.



There is a simple saying that 'IF YOU WANT TO BE A CROOK , BE A GOOD ONE'

You are not a good one if you use a pre-Malaysia document - The Federation of Malaya Agreement 1957 to assimilate , "Take- Over" Sabah & Sarawak as the 12th & 13th States of
" Malaysia " ; simply because in 1957, Sabah & Sarawak were then still Colonies of The British Empire. It is a physical impossibility. ( The result is that Sabah & Sarawak were never part of Malaysia constitutionally since 1963)

(*Note: Malaysia was formed 6 years later on : 16th September 1963)

It is still not too late at this point in time ( 916 - 2014) 51 years later to renegotiate and reset the formation of Malaysia now that Sabah & Sarawak have reached an ' Advance Stage of Government' as required by Secretary General ( U THANT ) OF THE UNITED NATIONS , as a requisit for the formation of Malaysia in 1963 ; to incorporate as follows:-

1. The principal document to rely on and be formalised is the Malaysia Agreement 1963 signed on 9th July 1963 in London ; which stipulated clearly in no uncertain terms the rights of Sabah & Sarawak under the 20 / 18 points guarantee / safeguards to protect their status as equal partners of 3 component states ; namely : Sabah , Sarawak and The Federation of Malaya (Singapore excluded) ...AND....

2. Subject to such other terms and conditions as may be required by Sabah & Sarawak to subscribe to their independence in the fullest terms and conditions ; including but not limited to their absolute , free and informed descretion to decline to join the Formation of the "MALAYSIA BARU".

Towards these objectives , the key report of Cobbold Commission specifically stated that:-

" It is a necessary condition that from the outset Malaysia should be regarded by all concerned as an association of partners, combining in the common interest to create a new nation by retaining their own individualities. If any idea were to take root that Malaysia would involve a “take-over” of the Borneo territories by the Federation of Malaya and the submersion of the individualities of North Borneo and Sarawak, Malaysia would not in my judgment, be generally acceptable or successful.”
(Lord Cobbold 1962)

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