Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Hidden of Malaya Agenda towards Borneo Territories In The Federation Proposal Back in 1961

Look and assess with yourself ... What is happening now is actually already became a reality that can not unquestionably ... Before the formation of the Federation of Malaysia, Borneo leaders have expressed their concern regarding the Borneo States' future if this Federation of Malaysia proceed but have been assured by leaders of Malaya that their anxiety is not true ... In reality, it's the opposite to what they've been assured previously. When looking at the situation now, it gives exactly the same message as before... We take an example about the issue of Lahad Datu.

Minister in the Prime Minister, Nazri said boastedly that the influx of PTI (illegal immigrant) is not a threaten national security for Sabah and Sabahan, and it was proved that he was totally wrong about it... Nightmare becames a reality and the Bornean have to bear the misery which was done by the "Federal Government of the Federation of Malaysia"... So now, open your eyes and your mind O Sabahan and Sarawakian! Take this responsibility to rise and fight for the Future State of Sabah and Sarawak State!! Change has arrived ... Do WAIT NO MORE!!! Today's Generation Must Be Responsible To Future Generations!!



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