Saturday, 23 August 2014

Facebook reflects the people’s aspirations

Jeffrey implies Salleh to blame for East Malaysian activists turning to the UN regarding the issue of decolonisation in Borneo.

KOTA KINABALU: The quiet revolution taking place in the social media, Facebook in particular, is a reflection of the people’s aspirations on the way forward in Borneo after half a century of Federation with the peninsula on the other side of the South China Sea.

That’s the thesis statement in a five-page release by Jeffrey Kitingan expressing outrage on Sabah Speaker Salleh Keruak calling on the authorities to act firmly against those demanding in the social media for Sabah to exit the Federation with the peninsula.
Jeffrey, among others the state assemblyman for Bingkor, implied that he could not believe that the Speaker was using the people’s legitimate aspirations as an excuse to please his political masters in the peninsula and further his political career in the process.
“Salleh is just following the old dictatorial ways and threatening the people instead of listening and addressing the issues raised by them,” said Jeffrey, also Star Sabah chairman. “Salleh is playing politics, playing one upmanship, against his competitors for the Chief Minister’s post.”
Jeffrey expressed surprise that Salleh, as a Sabahan, does not seem to care about “the concerns of the people and the injustices suffered by them” as a result of the way that the Federation has turned out to be since 1963.
He urged that “leaders should listen more and understand the voices of dissension and unhappiness and not jump to conclusions”.
Jeffrey implied that Salleh was to blame for activists in Sabah and Sarawak turning to the United Nations (UN) to bring closure on the unfinished business of decolonisation in Borneo.
“I have personally raised the issue in the Sabah Assembly but it was not allowed,” said Jeffrey in reminding Salleh of his role as the Speaker in the incident.
Correct the manipulation of facts and history, not condone it
Dismissing Salleh’s concerns, the Star Sabah Chief explained that the People’s Petition which is now making its way in both Borneo Nations to collect a minimum 300,000 signatures was unfinished business from 1962 when a similar petition before the UN was allegedly sabotaged by the British when the Brunei Rebellion broke out.
He called on everybody, including Salleh in particular, to help make known the true story of the last half century which has been emerging in Facebook since the 50th year of the Sabah, Sarawak Federation with the peninsula. “Salleh should take steps to help correct the manipulation of facts and history, not condone it,” urged Jeffrey. “Let the truth and facts be put correctly.”
Jeffrey stopped short of calling on Salleh to participate in several events planned between now and the run-up to Malaysia Day on Sept 16: Merdeka Walk on Aug 27 from Kudat, Ranau and Keningau to Kota Kinabalu and culminating in an Independence Walk on Aug 31 at the world-famous Tanjung Aru beach in the Sabah capital; a Merdeka Convoy from Ranau to Kundasang on Sept 5; a Love Malaysia Parade in Ranau on Sept 6, a Malaysia Day Commemoration at Batu Sumpah, Keningau on Sept 16; and a Malaysia Day Convoy from Keningau to meet a similar convoy from Sarawak at Limbang.


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