Tuesday, 2 September 2014

In The First Place, The Issue Of Secession Does Not Arise

In the first place the issue of secession does not arise. We merged Sabah, Sarawak with Malaya n Singapore to form Malaysia to help solve their problem.

The issue is Sabahans and Sarawakians now realize that they have been taken for a ride n cheated by Malaya in the name of the federal government. Malaya have become malaysia n taken over Sabah as if it is their colony .

Look at our situation today,.,Sabah the poorest state, our population changed n manipulated, our political franchise rights given to illegal immigrants, our history manipulated,our oil n revenues taken, our young people being indoctrinated, now Malaya is ruling directly over us thru UMNO, etc.
SS want their rights in the agreement as promised to b respected n complied with, including the 20 Points.

If raising these rights and voicing out these grouses is treasonous or "hasutan" and the federal govt wants to arrest us for secession to shut our voices so be it.

The world is watching . I will not be cowed by the threats of arrest and the fight for freedom will go on even without me.

I don't intent to prepare anything . I will just pray. The arrest will be good for the struggle because it will get stronger and will eventually lead to the separation of the Borneo States.

The arrest may spell the end of Malaysia.

God Bless you n family

Dr. Jeffrey G.Kitingan


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