Thursday, 4 September 2014


Please read first this article before you continue to read the article below by just clicking this title story Percubaan Sabah untuk Keluar dari Malaysia dulu BUKAN KHABAR ANGIN... TAPI ITU ADALAH BENAR!!!

What this book is talking about is really the UMNO machinations in tightening colonial control of Sabah through puppets like Harris Salleh- after they used up Donald Stephens and Mustapha.

However some of the analysis were over simplistic such as:

"In mid-July, there were racial clashes between the Chinese and Malays in Singapore which led to the Tunku to decide that Singapore should be booted out. On 9 August 1965,"

"Racial clashes" was not the real reason for separation of Singapore from UMNO's colonising clutches. 

The UMNOcrats led by Razak (more than the lame duck PM Tunku Abdul Rahman) feared that the Singaporeans under Lee Kuan Yew would be a serious challenge to their power and hold on Malaya and also Sabah and Sarawak. They feared that LKY could unite all the anti-UMNO forces and capture state power. They simply “kicked out “ Singapore without consulting Sabah and Sarawak as they feared these colonies would follow suit. They were that sneaky. It was our equivalence of “Pearl Harbour”. However, by doing this they actually tore apart the concept of “Malaysia” which was to comprise 4 countries and not 3. This was not the Malaysia deal!

LKY was smart enough to agree to take back Singapore because if he did not it would have became another impoverished basket case country like Sabah and Sarawak and most important totally lose any say in their own destiny..and flooded with "illegals".

"Racial clashes" like May 13 Massacre in Kuala Lumpur used to justify Emergency Rule, was the justification for severing the links with S'pore.

After all the S'pore Malays did not flee in their thousands to Malaya and the causeway is a short run and if they had to they could have swum across....

We need to move our brains and ask did the S'pore Malays wanted to "riot" or was it the hidden hands of UMNO as in May 13 in massacring 30000 Malayan people as claimed by some.. Did Malayan Malays go and start clashes in Singapore as they did in Kuala Lumpur?

In the case of Sabah in 1985 there were bombings and other incidents but UMNO instead of wanting Sabah to separate used these as reason to tighten its control of Sabah!

UMNO's logic can swing 365 degrees but still support its action.

The best example is how the UMNO government signed the 20 Points Agreement with the Sabah (newly independent) Government and reneged by stages breaking all the promises and by stealth and by intimidation began to Islamise Sabah.

Prior to 1963 Sabah was a harmonious society tolerant of all religions and races. Unfortunately UMNO took advantage of and abused this tolerance by deliberately engineering the mass transmigration of Indonesian and Filipino Muslim to dominate Sabah people.

If we agree with the objectives of SSKM, we must unite with all like minded people here and in Sarawak to work to free Sabah and Sarawak from Malayan UMNO colonial rule!


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