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“Peninsular Malaysia and the states of Sabah and Sarawak are separated, it seems, by a greater gulf than the mere expanse of the South China Sea.” This is a comment by Keruah Isit a Sarawak human rights activist in an article at Hornbill Unleashed on a Penan leader's visit to Malaya for Merdeka Day 1994.

This sentence sums up the east-west relationship like Pakistan and Bangladesh!

Despite the Malayan gov’t's great efforts to perpetuate the myths and fairy tales manufactured on the British creation of Malaysia- it succeeds only in creating a national identity crisis!

On one hand it tries to promote 1Malaysia meaning a multicultyral country made up of many different races. On the other it promotes the UMNO Malay supremacist apartheid system favouring one race

So why bother with all the charade?

We all have a long long way to go in understanding the real story of how Malaysia was created.

1. Malaya only existed as a federation from 31 August 1957 when the British gave UMNO independence and not to the Malayans who shed their blood in fighting the British for independence. UMNO replaced the British as the new colonial master led by the “Kedah Prince”

2. “Malaysia” did not exist in 1957 but was created by the British and UMNO on 16 September 1963. It is a shame that most of the youths have been so misled with myths and fancy stories about their history. The biggest myth still being promoted is the superimposition of Malayan independence day on the date of the creation of “Malaysia”.

Just google or go to You Tube you will find many truths which have been mangled or hidden in UMNO designed history books!

3. Malaysia was the original British 1942 plan to consolidate Malaya Singapore and the British Borneo protectorates (colonies from 1945) under one colonial administration. This idea was opposed by the ruler of independent Sarawak and also Malayan leaders.

4. In the 1960s the demand for independence in the British Borneo colonies became very strong and the popular idea was to united the 3 colonies into an independent state called North Kalimantan. The British were against this idea and proposed their old idea and called it the Malaysia proposal or plan. This time with UMNO in power Malaya enthusiastically supported the idea which coincided with the UMNO Malay supremacist apartheid “Greater Malaysia” agenda to expand their territories to Borneo.

5. This was immediately opposed by the independence movement in Borneo and Malaysia was imposed on the people against a background of Brunei Sabah and Sarawak people opposing the idea. On Dec 6 1962 the anti-Malaysia uprising broke out in rejection of British/Malyan “Malaysia Plan”. This became the Sarawak guerrilla war of independence fought till 1990. No one knows this history?

6. Malaysia was imposed on Sabah and Sarawak despite widespread opposition on 16 Sept 1963. It was not a free choice as no referendum was ever held to guage the people’s wishes required under the UN De-colonisation rules.

7. Readers need to read beyond what the gov’t controlled news media is saying. In Sabah and Sarawak most people do not see any relevance of Malayaan independence day in their lives. They have a seething anger about being re-colonised by UMNO Malaya and seeing their natural resources like oil being looted for the development of Malaya. The pride felt by many Malayans in their gleaming new public buildings like the Petronas -Sabah Sarawak Towers, Putra Jaya and palaces and infrastructures have been built with Sabah Sarawak oil money.

8. Thus very few awared people in Sabah and Sarawak will “celebrate” Mederka Day or “Malaysia Day” which they have come to see as an abuse of their human rights and right to independence.

Comment by SARAWAKIANS — HU- August 30, 2012


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