Friday, 5 September 2014

Probe ‘life before 1963 better’ claim

A pro-BN NGO wants police to act against Simon Sipaun for influencing Sabahans to disrespect past leaders.

KOTA KINABALU: A pro-Barisan Nasional NGO has become the latest group to lodge a police report against former Sabah secretary Simon Sipaun for his often-repeated claim that “life in Sabah was better before 16 Sept 1963”.

Pakatan NGO Pro BN president Zulkarnain Mahdar described Simon’s assertions as being unappreciative of the sacrifices and struggles of Merdeka leaders and fighters like Donald Stephens, Mustapha Harun, Sedomon Gunsanad and Mat Salleh and their families.

Zulkarnain said in a statement today that Simon also disrespected Bapa Merdeka Tunku Abdul Rahman.
“Simon’s statements are a form of provocation and contains seditious elements to influence people in Sabah not to respect past leaders.

“His statement is also an attempt not to recognise Sabah’s independence leaders who sacrificed their lives and property to free Sabah from British colonialism,” he said.

He added that Simon had also said in a pre-Merdeka talk in Kota Kinabalu that “Sept 16 1963 was the saddest day for Sabah.”

Zulkarnain hoped that the police would investigate Simon under the Sedition Act and take action to prevent others from being influenced.

He said Simon probably did not like independence and preferred to still live under British rule.



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