Friday, 12 September 2014

Secession talk by people venting their frustrations, says Sabah Pakatan Rakyat

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Pakatan Rakyat is against any move for Sabah to secede from Malaysia but said the Federal government should re-look at the autonomous rights for the state.

Its chief, Datuk Lajim Ukin, who is state Opposition leader, said the three party coalition had made a unanimous decision to go against any secession move as there were still a lot of room to discuss the needs of Sabahans within the federation.

"Our decision is that we stay in Malaysia as there is still a lot of room for us to discuss about state rights and needs under the 1963 Malaysia Agreement and 20-point safeguards," Lajim told a press conference.

He said the Federal government should look at the various resolutions of political parties in Sabah seeking greater autonomy.

Lajim said he believed that those who have set up "secession" pages on social media such as Sabah Sarawak Keluar Malaysia (SSKM) (which is currently under police probe) were just venting their frustrations.

"It’s not a case of people seriously wanting to leave Malaysia.

"After 51 years, the people today are educated and know their rights. The Federal government must listen to their expectations," he said adding many Sabahans still find basic amenities and infrastructure such as schools, health facilities and others lacking.

The opposition State Reform Party (STAR) Sabah chapter chairman Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan said the best way to stop all the social media talk about secession was for Putrajaya to talk and listen to Sabahans and Sarawakians.

He said he agreed with Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar for Putrajaya to talk to the people of both states to hear their grouses.

"This is a good step for the Federal government to listen to the unhappiness of the people as it would help to resolve their problems," he added.


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