Monday, 15 September 2014

The Golden Son Of The Kadazan

On June 6th 1976, a Nomad Aircraft with eleven passengers on board crashed in the Sembulan Sea in Sabah, killing everyone on board including the Chief Minister and a promising young Kadazan politician -Datuk Peter J. Mojuntin. He was then only 37 years old.

This book is a tribute to him. It is a biography which embraces the major epochs that occurs during his short life span.

It is also deal with the separation of Singapore from Malaysia on 9th August, 1965 and the unconstitutional dismisal Of Stephen Kalong Ningkan as Sarawak Chief Minister in September 1966.

The author hopes he has been able present a glimpse of the cultural life of the Kadazan.

(Please continue your reading below or you might want to download it first before reading it all)


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