Monday, 17 November 2014


Greetings to all of the Independent people of the sovereign States of Sabah and Sarawak. I, Doris Jones, on behalf of the Sabah Sarawak Keluar Malaysia Group (SSKM), a movement under the patronage of Sabah Sarawak Union-UK (SSU-UK), LEGALLY registered under the Legislation of The United Kingdom and Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK), would like to make a formal statement against a recent remark made by a Minister of Sabah, Datuk Teo Chee Kang of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which states "Masterminds behind secession identified". Datuk Teo Chee Kang is also a BN component party member of Tanjong Kapor, Kudat and is holding the portfolio as Minister of State Special Function.

Here, I will highlight his statement which was published in Borneo Post newspaper on the 14th of November 2014;

The minister said in a statement dated 13 November 2014 when he was in the State Legal Council (DUN) said that SSKM has caused problems and disrupted social harmony in this state (Sabah) [1]. Teo has stated that the issues in SSKM were raised by a small number of irresponsible groups of individuals [2]. Next, is pertaining to his statement that SSKM have also organized forums and a walk during the celebration of Independence Day [3].

This LDP member have also stated that "Although this (movement) is only provoked by a small member of the community, but it is seditious in nature and also provocative [4]. If it is not addressed, we are worried that this issue will deteriorate the harmony between the regions (in Malaysia) and challenge the Constitution of the country as well as threatening the country’s security” [5]. Lastly, he has stated in his statement that “Issues pertaining to SSKM merely involving a small number (of people) as the ‘silent majority’ don’t like what is happening now” [6].

Firstly [1], I beg this LDP member to explain in the deepest extent, supported with factual evidence, as well as listing down the types of problems and social disorders caused by SSKM all these while? Is it because of the exposure of the so-called ‘historical facts’ which are actually distorted, filled with irregularities, abuse, fraud, and conspiracies made by Barisan National (BN) and UMNO - which have been hidden from the awareness of the people of Negara Sabah – have caused problems and disorders towards social harmony? Or is it actually because it is threatening the position of government leaders and the cronies of BN-UMNO?

Secondly [2], I would like for a professional and mature clarification about the statement “SSKM issues were triggered by some irresponsible people”. Have I not been stating, since over two months ago that I am the person who takes full responsibility pertaining to all movement and activities of SSKM in Negara Sabah and Negara Sarawak. For that reason, I have also challenged the Prime Minister of Malaysia, the Minister of Internal Affair and the Police Commissioner of Sabah to sue me in the United Kingdom Court, in which I have presented this challenge and message via my personal Facebook page. Why? Because I am a responsible person.

Thirdly [3], the accusation made by the LDP member is nothing more than a MALICIOUS DEFAMATION by trying to link the activity organized by Borneo Heritage Foundation (BHF) in conjunction with the celebration of the 51st Independence Day of Sabah with SSKM. I would like to state formally here that the activity is NOT directly nor indirectly related with SSKM. No collaboration in any form was made between these two groups along the period of the event. On the other hand, the forum was organized by Progressive Institute Public Policy (PIPPA). However, I do not deny that I personally support both of the events by my personal capacity as a citizen of the Nation of Sabah, as the objectives of the events were to raise public awareness of the true history of Sabah, on top of promoting a sense of love towards Negara Sabah, Negara Sarawak and the Federation of Malaysia. It is clear that this accusation is a mere attempt to persuade the people of Sabah to go against any other programs such as these in the future. Do you realize that you yourself have just made a demagoguery and deception with malicious intention?

Fourth [4], if by education the people of Negara Sabah and Negara Sarawak about the true history, without the addition of misleading ‘facts’, based on proven facts, supported by unaltered documents stored in London, is  considered as “sedition” and “provocation”, therefore I will admit that I have indeed made a “sedition” and “provocation”. Yes, I have made “sedition” and “provocation” towards the people of Negara Sabah and Negara Sarawak, so that they will rise and be awaken from their sleep that all these while, they have been deceived, day and night, in life and death, without a hitch. However, if “not a sedition” is considered as a definition for the dissemination of slender, deception, manipulation of historical fact and so on, therefore I will decide to be categorized as being “seditious” and a “provocateur”  for the sake of awareness among the people of Negara Sabah and Negara Sarawak.

Fifth [5], I would like for you to answer with full honesty, as citizen of Negara Sabah. All these while, who are the ones who actually have been posing a threat against Regional Harmony and National Constitution as well as against National Security? If you are true to yourself, then you should know better. Let me explain briefly. The Malayan leaders are the ones who are responsible all these while to threaten the harmony, constitution and security since the beginning of the formation of Malaysian Federation. The leaders of Negara Sabah and Negara Sarawak have been toppled down by dirty, cunning and malicious political game of the Malayan leaders, who have incited local leaders to overthrow the Sabah and Sarawak government back then, while they were governing based on the original concept of the federation enshrined in the Malaysian Agreement.

The Malayan leaders have also altered the Constitution aggressively, as soon as Singapore quit the federation. The security of Negara Sabah has always been under threat while we are under the government of Barisan Nasional and UMNO. Why? Because they are inducing fear among the Sabahan people so that they will win the people’s vote to keep their power over Sabah. The Silent Riot in 1986 in Kota Kinabalu and the Tanduo Intrusion were actually orchestrated by UMNO-BN. Have things like these ever happen to Negara Sarawak? No. Why? Because there are no UMNO or any coalition parties from Malaya in Negara Sarawak. Sarawak is governed by BN component party which consists of local nationalist parties.

I would like to take this opportunity to suggest that you would refer to an exposure based on a research made by Mr. Zainnal Ajaimain, who has unraveled all the questions that have been lingering in the minds of the people in Negara Sabah and Negara Sarawak. The research is a successful one and must be honoured in order to give understanding on the question “Is Malaya Masquerading as Malaysia?” The answer is YES. Click here to read the article ( I would suggest Mr. Zainnal Ajamain to produce a Malay version of the article intended for the non-English speaking audiences.

Sixth and the final one [6], I leave the matter in the hands of the people of Sabah and Sarawak nationals. Whether they struggle against this, it is their right. Similarly, those who support this struggle, it is their inalienable right. Nobody have the right to force anyone to support it or against it. This is because the history of Negara Sabah have proven that a government who are oppressing the people will come to an end in an instance once the people starts to rise. I do not deny that there are those who would go against this cause, however based on my personal observation, majority of the people are supporting it. “Silent Majority” is a monster much feared by any government. Are you absolutely sure that the “Silent Majority” is in your (the government) side? We shall see in PRU-14.

I do not deny that harassment from leaders and supporters of BN-UMNO is booming, however the support from the people of Negara Sabah and Negara Sarawak have also continues to intensify to the extent that they are not afraid to give statement in the police station. If arrested, for them, life and death is only once. If they shall die, they shall die as a National Warrior and never as a traitor who ruined the Nation.

Thank you.


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