Thursday, 6 November 2014

To All Sabahan and Sarawakian Doubters and Skeptics

To All Sabahan and Sarawakian Doubters and Skeptics,

Why is it that most who disagree with this idea always use the same reason, over and over again.. "Bolehkah / Pastikah kita jadi maju selepas keluar?", "can we this, can we that?", "Are we capable to manage our own Country?", "There will be a war or conflict" (whether its a suggestion or question, i dont know). I pity, plus sad, and feel degraded by those who think we, the people, can't do anything right. These type of people, I can assure you, are the type of people who always WAIT and BEG, even for a coin for the public toilet entrance fee. 

Have you no dignity? Have you no shame? Have you no confidence? Have you no heart or mind or even an a little bit of intelligence worth compared to a ground squirrel or even dinosaur? (yes, their brains are walnut size). To those asking the million dollar question of "who can assure us that we will be more progressive and developed; post-malaysia", I asked you this, are you sure that we are on the right track of development right NOW? 

48 YEARS, and with all the resources and human capital that we have (screw the PTIs, kick them out or better, send them to their masters in the western part of msia, let them take care of the PTIs), can you have a minute faith that we can? or maybe all this while, you depend fully on the subsidy and even alms? Cant you stand on your own feet? Do your research, our natural resources or even any other resources can easily support everyone in Sabah to the point of 100000 per capita and even more (yes, "AND"; not "OR" and I might be low-balling here). We are the people of about 2 million (not counting the PTIs.. let them rot for all i care).. 5% of royalty and you freaks are satisfied? Can you imagine 100%? 

Yes 100%, not 5%; not 20%. We can shove plenty of hundred ringgit note inside everyone of the 2 mil populations mouth, you'll develop a phobia for money. (thats what you lazy-good-for-nothing-so-called-human want, isnt it? spoon fed?). You are so lazy to work, even to think, you thought what you have now is A-OK.

The thing is; it is NOT, and I say it is NOT about greed. Fine... you want to share your "properties" with the rest of your "fellow", fine.. Give them 25% at MOST. If sharing is your thing to fulfill the "responsbility" of federalism, then why dont you give 95% of your salary to help the poor in your neighbourhood? Scrap neighbourhood, give 95% of your salary to your family members, poor or not; to your brothers, sisters, in-laws, everyone, not just your childred and wife. Heck, its the same concept, but its nearer and more wisely applied when it comes to charity. It's your family, what do you have to lose? (Dont tell me "Money", you are willingly-gladly to lose billions of ringgits of "Your+Our" money, surely you can comprehend losing "some" of your hard-earned salary to your own family). I dare to those P5 (Pro-5%) to do that. And hey, charity begins at home right?

Stop your negative way of thinking, think of what you can do to achieve a better future. Work for it, STOP begging.. This is what happened when people are unconsciously brainwashed with all the pitiful gula-gula. RM500 after 48 years and you said "WOW"? (Now dont tell me that I have to do the maths for you; applied for a subsidized-calculator why dont you.. Yeah, you'd like that, huh?) What's your total income tax so far? How much is the imbalance of price of even groceries between the east and west? Even imported goods shipped from China have to br sent to Klang Port first and then distributed to Sabah and Sarawak, hence the increased to shelf price. 

Where's the logic of that? Even the World Bank reported that we are one of the poorest. Where's the logic of that when you (if you do read and study) know that you are one of the supposed-to-be the richest in the damn-federal? You depend TOO much on your leaders to do something that you FORGOT, YOU are the true leaders, The PEOPLE are the leaders. Your so-called leaders are APPOINTED by YOU. TELL them what TO DO. They are our workers. But since they dont listen well (or at all) all this time; or maybe they did but they never care, then what is there left to do?

Yes, I'm on the PRO side when it comes to "liberating" my Homeland from discriminations of all sorts; development, religion (my main concern) etc.. I have confidence that we can be a progressive nation. Why dont you? We have been stripped off from our rights. Our dignity and value are tarnished. Yes, you said change the "leaders", change the party, change all this, change that.. Wasn't that what we have been doing all this while (or at least trying; regardless what the outcome; rigged or not)? I'm not into politics (not wholeheartedly), but i do love Sabah and Sarawak eternally I will, I would die defending her. If you don't, then stop calling yourself Sabahan/Sarawakian, migrate to somewhere else. You love the west so much, well why don't you "be well" there. Kiss them foot n ass as you've been doing and you might just survive. Uncertainty IS Certain. Destiny is steered. So stop fearing, have faith. We are the People, We Are SABAH and SARAWAK.. Long Live The People, Long Live Sabah and Sarawak..!

p/s: Sorry for this long layman's "note"... might probably bore most of you... :o) Just expressing my thoughts... 

Long live SSKM..!! GOD bless us all..

Source: Jagoan  (2012)


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