Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Lion: King of the Jungle Crushed to Death By Buffalo

Lyle Gregg, a game ranger, has captured one of the most timely photos of a remarkable event that happened in the animal kingdom. Call it revenge or retaliation but these pictures were captured at the moment when a fearless herd of 300 buffalo took it out on the ferocious king of the jungle, crushing him to death.

This occurred at South Africa’s Kruger National Park where the lion was earlier forced out or its pride. The vulnerable lion was trailed by an agitated group of buffalo which went after it while it was resting among the grasses. It made a failed attempt to escape the advancing herd of buffaloes but he was injured from a previous fight over the control of the pride so he was too slow and had to pay with his life.

Whether the herd of buffaloes decided to make the lone lion a “scape goat” and take out all their grievances for previous attacks on their specie or that they wanted to send a message to the big cats remains known only to this group of buffaloes which trampled and gored the big cat to death.

Source: http://listabuzz.com/lion-crushed-to-death-by-buffalo/

***When we are united, we can crush anything***


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