Thursday, 4 December 2014

Sabah youths should get ready to assume leadership

“Seek the true facts of history and be ready to assume mantle of leadership.”

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah needs leaders that are progressive and forward-thinking to lead the nation towards peace, progress and prosperity which will also contribute towards the advancement of the nation.

Leaders who are pessimistic and cowardly cannot lead Sabah.

That’s the advice from Star Sabah Chief Jeffrey Kitingan, taking a leaf from Mahatma Gandhi, for the youth who by and large remain blissfully unaware of the history of the Sabah’s Federation in 1963 with Sarawak and the peninsula.

He was giving his take on comments going viral in the social media on the youths of today being unaware of the history of the formation of the federation of 1963 and therefore would not be able to look after and safeguard Sabah when it’s their turn to assume the mantle of leadership.

“Sabah is part and parcel of the Federation and the youth leaders need to show their mettle,” said Jeffrey in a statement. “They need to show that they are not backward but are able contribute towards nation-building.”

“They should be forward-thinking as the country approaches the time-line of high income nation, if not developed nation status, by 2020.”

The youths are not the only ones to blame, added Jeffrey in the statement.

“The party that should be taught the true facts of history should be the federal government and the Ministry of Education so that the young are taught the true history, not some twisted fact that the Federation of 1963 gained independence on 31 Aug 1957,” said Jeffery in coming to the crux of the issue.

He also advised youths not to be too dependent on the Federal Government to ensure the security of Sabah as “it can’t be trusted on the issue and has in fact contributed to the insecurity in Sabah”.

“There is no reason why Sabah cannot take care of its own security.”

Delving into Sabah’s military history, Jeffrey recalled that Sabahans served with distinction during World War II with the allied forces from Britain, Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries.

“There was also the Sabah Border Scouts who were disbanded by the federal government,” said Jeffrey. “They secured Sabah’s borders much better than the Federal security forces who looked the other way as the illegal immigrants flooded in.”



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