Friday, 5 December 2014

Sarawak may leave Malaysia sooner than expected

Written by: Dr. John Brian Anthony

Federal Government proposed to have 1 additional Army Division in Sabah and additional Brigade strength for Sarawak. What is the meaning and implication of this proposal? Is the Federal Gov’t worried about the rising sentiment in Sarawak to get out of Malaysia?   Sarawakian feel than Kuala Lumpur is colonizing the State in every sense of the word.

Sarawak against the British colony

Just the other day I had discussion with some friends who wanted to know whether Sarawak is serious about getting out of Malaysia as seen in many blogs and Face Book discussion.  Frankly, Sarawakian felt colonize by Malaya today. From History, Sarawak responded negatively towards Britain when Sarawak was a colony that one of Sarawak son killed the British Government by plunging a knife into the gentlemen while inspecting a parade given in honour of the Governor’s visit. The British Governor subsequently died.

Prior to being made a colony under British rule many Dayak War Chiefs fought wars with the Brookes. Of all the War chiefs, Rentap was the most famous for being able to defeat the Brooke army twice and made his last stance at Bukit Sadok.

Is Sarawak a colony of Malaya?

If you look at the Federal Government policies and their approach towards taking Sarawak natural resources wealth and also the way Sarawak is being develop at snail pace into the “3rd poorest state in Malaysia”, these are evident enough. In the Federal civil service, Federal Government make sure that the top post are held by their people which is against the Borneonization of the Civil Service.

Politically, Sarawak reject UMNO at all cost so as not to put the last nail into the Sarawak coffin of being made a colony of Malaya.

Taib’s response to Prime Minister political pressure

In the recent election in April 2012, Taib Mahmud has to demand that the Governor swore him to be the next Chief Minister of Sarawak on the evening that the State election result was announced. Taib was not ready to be replaced as the chief Minister as demanded by Najib. Actually, before the election Taib “commit” to step down as Chief Minister after 2 years into the current term. Will this happen we are awaiting for the change by end of 2012 or early 2013.

What was heard was that Taib threaten to pull Sarawak out of Malaysia if Federal Government continue to undermined the Government and politics within Sarawak. Subsequently, Najib left Taib alone and do not say a word about Taib’s retirement.

Federal Government response

In Sabah, Dr. Jeffery Kitinggan used the STAR party to agitate for Sabah rights as agreed through the 20 points agreement signed before the formation of Malaysia. The document is signed under United Nation Treaty supervision.

In Sarawak, the spirit of anti- Malaya due to its colonizing approach is rising. Sarawak today is being colonize in all aspects, education, commerce, religion, politics, social structure and even government through BN.

Malaya took the wealth of Sarawak and gave back “crumps” as development fund. Malaya take all the important Ministry, took all the important post in the civil service, dismantle Sarawak Ranger and install Malay regiment.

Just yesterday, the Army threaten Sabah Sarawak by proposing to put in another Division of Army in Sabah and Brigade strength in Sarawak. This army is not to guard the security of Sarawak / Sabah as there is no external threat but more to ensure that the Federal Government can put down any of Sarawak intention to leave Malaysia.

In Sarawak, many of us sleep through this new development because as usual we do not want to pay attention to what Federal Government is doing to Sarawak. By the time this event of a brigade being placed in Sarawak and the Brigade start to take action then we find out that we are being pro-actively subdued by force in Sarawak.


The Federal Government will not change its approach in dealing with Sarawak. The revenue from oil and gas for that matter contributed to 40% of Malaysia’s income and the main source of corrupt money for UMNO leaders. The BN supporters in Sarawak thought that UMNO really care for Sarawak. The answer is NO, Sarawak will continue to be poor. If the Federal government response by giving Sarawak more development fund, then Taib and his political cronies will take it to keep.

The people of Sarawak are now being squeeze between a hard surface and granite rock. Dayak poverty is good as a source of BN support. Sarawak being poor is reason enough that the Federal Government think that they know what is best for Sarawak and they will continue not to hand back Sarawak oil and gas wealth to Sarawak.

In the coming PRU 13, when you vote for BN you are voting for continued poverty of Sarawak and to allow our oil and gas money to be in the hand of UMNO / BN.

UBAH meh! Change WE Must.


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