Sabah dan Sarawak adalah BERSTATUS NEGARA dan bukannya Negeri.

Sabah dan Sarawak adalah sebuah Negara yang MERDEKA DAN BERDAULAT yang mana kedua - dua NEGARA ini telah bersama-sama dengan Singapura dan Malaya untuk membentuk Persekutuan Malaysia pada 16 September 1963.

Happy Sabah (North Borneo) Independence Day 51 Years

Sabah or previously known as North Borneo was gained Independence Day from British on August 31, 1963. To all Sabahan, do celebrate Sabah Merdeka Day with all of your heart!

Sarawak For Sarawakian!

Sarawak stand for Sarawak! Sarawakian First. Second malaysian!

The Unity of Sabah and Sarawak

Sabah dan Sarawak adalah Negara yang Merdeka dan Berdaulat. Negara Sabah telah mencapai kemerdekaan pada 31 Ogos 1963 manakala Negara Sarawak pada 22 Julai 1963. Sabah dan Sarawak BUKAN negeri dalam Malaysia! Dan Malaysia bukan Malaya tapi adalah Persekutuan oleh tiga buah negara setelah Singapura dikeluarkan daripada persekutuan Malaysia.

Sign Petition to collect 300,000 signatures

To all Sabahan and Sarawakian... We urge you to sign the petition so that we can bring this petition to United Nations to claim our rights back as an Independence and Sovereign Country for we are the Nations that live with DIGNITY!

Decedent of Rajah Charles Brooke

Jason Desmond Anthony Brooke. The Grandson of Rajah Muda Anthony Brooke, and Great Great Grandson of Rajah Charles Brooke

A true Independence is a MUST in Borneo For Sabah and Sarawak.

Sabah (formerly known as North Borneo) and Sarawak MUST gain back its Freedom through a REAL Independence.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Sept 16: A ‘Black Day’ for Sabah, Sarawak

Celebrating Malaysia Day tomorrow would be meaningless, hollow and empty unless the special rights and autonomy of Sabah and Sarawak are fulfilled.

KOTA KINABALU: Sept 16 could have been more than a historic day for Malaysia had the Malaysia Agreement, 1963, the promises, assurances and undertakings by the senior partner to the Federation had been fulfilled but, alas, this was not the case, thus making Sept 16 as a Black Day for Sabah and Sarawak.

Sabah’s founding fathers of Malaysia had great hopes of and expectations for Malaysia. They were even prepared to sacrifice Sabah’s new found independence in favour of a new federation in the hope that this partnership would bring far more (than) benefits, in terms of security, economic prosperity and development without compromising too much of their rights as a sovereign nation.

Little did they realise that 49 years later their hopes and expectations had become nightmares and shattered dreams to their children and grandchildren of Sabah. Far from being realised, the Malaysia Agreement, the Inter-Governmental Committee (IGC) Report, the 20 Points as well as the assurances and undertakings were cast aside and ignored. In some cases, the contrary positions were implemented to the detriment of Sabah.

Worse, anyone raising them would be detained and punished under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA). These documents seemed only good for the archives (and not even good for display in museums) and the young generations will not learn about the true Malaysian History as this would not be taught in the schools.

Dr Mahathir himself, a powerful prime minister for 22 years warned this writer thus: “Jeffrey, don’t teach the people what they don’t know….!” before throwing him in jail under the ISA for raising the 20 Points and the Malaysia Agreement as the basis for federal-Sabah relationship.

This also explained why Malaysia Day, Sept 16, was never recognised or celebrated by the nation until 2010 when the new generation of Sabahans and Malaysians demanded its recognition and the federal government finally gave in under the weight of a strong opposition.

In Sabah, Sept 16 was marked as the official birthday of His Excellency, TYT Yang DiPertua Negeri, without any mention of it being Malaysia Day. It was officially forgotten and relegated to the archives. It is not even defined in the Federal Constitution.

One wonders what the motives of the Sabah BN leaders are when they all now rush to state that Malaysia Day is a historic day. Could it be because the general elections are to be held soon?
Duped by the powers that be

The young generation, who now have access to information, are now demanding for answers and not accepting blindly the twisted government propaganda. Why are we celebrating 55th year and not 49th year of Malaysian independence when Malaysia was only born on Sept 16, 1963?

Isn’t Aug 31, 1957 Malayan independence? Why are Sabahans and Sarawakians asked to celebrate Malayan independence which has no relevance to them? It is also not right for the mainstream media to report that Malaysia was similar to the USA and gave the example of Hawaii joining USA in 1959 and still celebrate July 4 as its independence day.

Sabah never joined Malaysia or the Federation of Malaya and in fact the Federation of Malaya formed Malaysia with Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore in 1963. There would have been no Malaysia without Sabah, Sarawak or Singapore. Some even asked whether the Malaysian federation was ever colonised and later given independence?

How is it possible for Malaysia to be colonised or to gain independence when Malaysia only existed from Sept 16, 1963? Discerning and curious Malaysians are now discovering that we have all been duped by the powers that be into believing their manipulated and twisted version of history.

The powers that be even want us to believe that their slogan ‘Janji Ditepati’ and ‘Promises Fulfilled, People Prosper’ despite knowing that the Malaysia Agreement 1963, the IGC Report, the 20 Points/18 Points are far from being ‘ditepati’ or fulfilled and have instead turned Sabah into the poorest state in Malaysia, their electoral ‘fixed deposit’ capitalising on foreign illegal immigrants to remain in power and controlling Sabah more or less as a Malayan colony and taking away its oil resources and revenue.

Start putting things right

The word ‘Malaysia’ is nothing more than a methaphor and an excuse for a Malayan takeover. What is there to celebrate when:-

  • Sabah is now controlled/colonised by Malaya.
  • Sabah’s revenues are collected and controlled by the Malayan federal government.
  • Sabah’s oil has been unfairly taken over by Petronas/Malaya.
  • Sabah’s political franchise and future are decided by foreigners given dubious MyKads.

Celebrating Malaysia Day on Sept 16 would be meaningless, hollow and empty unless the special rights and autonomy of Sabah and Sarawak as agreed, promised and assured by the Founding Fathers of Malaysia are fulfilled.

Our state political leaders should use this occasion to rise above partisan political interest, fighting for self-interest in the name of development to one committed to the larger interests of Sabah and Sarawak and for the future well-being of Sabahans and Sarawakians and to put a stop to the nonsense of the powers that be and start putting things right.

Jeffrey Kitingan is a Sabah politician. He heads Sabah STAR.





WHEREAS BY virtue of certain grants and commissions from the Sultans, Chiefs, and Rulers of the territories in North Borneo hereinafter mentioned and by other lawful means, all rights of sovereignty over the said territories are vested in the British North Borneo Company:

AND WHEREAS by Her Majesty’s Royal Charter of Incorporation, bearing date the 1st day of November, 1881, the Company was authorised and empowered to assume the Government of the said territories subject to the conditions in the said Charter contained:

AND WHEREAS the said territories are now governed and administered by the Company as an independent State, hereinafter referred to as “the State of North Borneo”:

AND WHEREAS the Company have represented to Her Majesty’s Government the desire of that State to be placed under the protection of Her Majesty the Queen, under the conditions hereinafter mentioned; it is hereby agreed and declared as follows:-

The State of North Borneo comprises the territories specified in the said Royal Charter, and such other territories as the Company have acquired, or may hereafter acquire, under the provisions of Article XV of the said Charter. It is divided into nine provinces, namely:
Province Alcock;
Province Cunliffe;
Province Dent;
Province Dewhurst;
Province Elphinstone;
Province Keppel;
Province Martin;
Province Mayne;
Province Mayburgh.

The State of North Borneo shall continue to be governed and administered as an independent State by the Company in conformity with the provisions of the said Charter, under the protection of Great Britain, but such protection shall confer no right on Her Majesty’s Government to interfere with the internal administration of that State further than is For Reference Only Treaties & Engagements & Orders 1 of 2 Agreement between Her Majesty's Government and the British North Borneo Company provided herein or by the Charter of the Company.

The relations between the State of North Borneo and all foreign States, including the States of Brunei and of
Sarawak, shall be conducted by Her Majesty’s Government, or in accordance with its direction; and if any difference should arise between the Government of North Borneo and that of any other State, the Company, a representing the State of North Borneo, agrees to abide by the decision of her Majesty’s Government, and to take all necessary measures to give effect thereto.

Her Majesty’s Government shall have the right to establish British Consular Officers in any part of the said territories, who shall receive exequaturs in the name of the government of North Borneo. They shall enjoy whatever privileges are usually granted to Consular officers, and they shall be entitled to hoist the British flag over their residences and public offices.

British subjects, commerce and shipping shall enjoy the same rights, privileges, and advantages as the subjects, commerce, and shipping of the most favoured nation, as well as any other rights, privileges, and advantages which may be enjoyed by the subjects, commerce, and shipping of the State of North Borneo.

No cession or other alienation of any part of the territory of the State of North Borneo shall be made by its Government to any foreign State, or the subjects or citizens thereof, without the consent of Her Majesty’s Government; but this restriction shall not apply to ordinary grants or leases of lands or houses to private individuals for purposes of residence, agriculture, commerce, or other business.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Undersigned have signed the present Agreement in duplicate, and have affixed thereto their seals.

Done at London, the 12th day of May, 1888.

(L.S.) (Signed) SALISBURY.

(On behalf of the British North Borneo Company.)


For Reference Only
Treaties & Engagements & Orders 2 of 2 Agreement between Her Majesty's Government and the British North Borneo Company.

"Pimpinan Di Halang Masuk Sarawak: PR Akan Hapus Perjanjian 20"

Keputusan kerajaan Sarawak melarang beberapa orang pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat untuk memasuki negeri tersebut bagi membantu kempen dalam PRK Balingian, adalah satu tindakan paling tidak bermaruah yang dilakukan Ketua Menteri Sarawak yang baru, Adenan Satim.
Ingatkan bila Taib Mahmud sudah mengundurkan diri, perkara pengecut seumpama ini tidak akan berulang, rupa-rupanya ia masih diamalkan, malah lebih teruk lagi kerana dalam kes beberapa hari lepas, ada di antara pimpinan ini yang dibenarkan masuk, beberapa hari kemudian, tidak dibenarkan pula.

Undang-undang Imigresen yang memberi kuasa kepada kerajaan negeri untuk membenar atau melarang sesiapa dari memasuki Sarawak (dan Sabah), adalah satu daripada 20 perkara dalam perjanjian kemasukan Sabah dan Sarawak ke dalam Malaysia lebih 50 tahun dulu.

Ia dikenali sebagai perjanjian 20.

Justeru, Pakatan Rakyat telah membuat keputusan untuk menghapuskan perjanjian 20 ini bila kita mengambil alih kerajaan Sarawak dalam pilihanraya negeri yang akan diadakan pada 2016.

Pakatan Rakyat yakin rakyat Sarawak akan bersetuju dengan cadangan untuk memansuhkan terus perjanjian 20 ini kerana selain sudah ketinggalan zaman, ia juga tidak mencerminkan Sarawak sebagai sebahagian dari persekutuan Malaysia.

Walaupun Pakatan Rakyat faham Sarawak adalah sebuah wilayah autonami (ia bukan sebahagian dari Semenanjung yang dimonopoli kerajaan yang berasal dari kesultanan Melayu), tapi bagaimana autonomi sekalipun, rakyat Malaysia tidak seharusnya disekat dari memasuki wilayah mereka sendiri!!

Jika nak diteruskan juga undang-undang tidak masuk akal itu, maka Semenanjung juga perlu mempunyai hak yang sama – untuk membenarkan atau tidak rakyat dari Sabah dan Sarawak memasuki mana-mana negeri.

Barulah adil.  Tapi kalau itu berlaku, apakah yang akan jadi pada Malaysia ini, sudah tentu haru biru.  Dalam masa yang sama kita bercakap tentang Malaysia sebagai sebuah persekutuan, ada rakyat yang tidak mempunyai hak memasuki mana-mana wilayah secara bebas – seperti mana sepatutnya dalam sebuah negara.

"Teruskan REVOLUSI MENTAL ke arah Perjuangkan HAK & MARUAH Sabah Sarawak..."

Daripada Dr.Khalid

Teruskan REVOLUSI MENTAL ke arah Perjuangkan HAK & MARUAH Negara Sabah dan Negara Sarawak.

Perjuangan atas MISI yang SATU menuntut KESATUAN. Suburkan, kembangkan MINDA berkongsikan fakta tentang PENGKHIANATAN & PENGANIAYAAN persekutuan terhadap Negara Sabah dan Negara Sarawak. Jauhi perpecahan sesama kita. HINDARI akal RACIST, FANATIK & PANIDIR dalam perjuangan menuntut HAK & MARUAH.

Bukanlah sukar bagi para pejuang native sama ada NGO & politik disatukan dalam satu BENTENG. Bagi parti-parti yang berbeza, jadikan perbezaan sebagai senjata kepelbagaian dalam kualiti & kuantiti. Singkirkan pemimpin parti yang EGO menggunung kerana mereka hanya KITUL-KITUL longkang yang pentingkan diri. 

Kita TAHU & FAHAM bahawa ramai suadara-saudara native kita yang masih "atas pagar" walaupun mereka sanggup menjdi pejuang siber untuk tanah melayu (PERKASA, ISMA, UMNO, DAP & PKR). Kita juga FAHAM bahawa ramai native yang masih "tunggu & lihat" kerana peluang yang sedang mereka nikmati. Secara psikologi, perlakuan "atas pagar" & "tunggu & lihat" adalah AKIBAT dari AMALAN ugutan & penindasan yang berlangsung sejak Negara Sabah mula MERDEKA pada 31 Ogos 1963. Dalam teori probability (keberangkalian), oleh kerana kepelbagaian FACTOR X berkaitan dengan HAK & MARUAH Negara Sabah maka 70-80% daripada dua kumpulan native ini akan beralih arah meninggalkan para tukang suap mereka. Point asas adalah perbandingan antara HADIAH zink, tangki & brim dgn TUNTUTAN jalan rya, sekolah & peluang pekerjaan.

Para pejuang native di dalam & luar negara semakin HEBAT. Media antarabangsa telah mula memberi tumpuan pada isu persekutuan malaysia yang "dramatik". Oleh itu kita perlu targetkan tarikh untuk semua. Maka, jika anda semua telah BERSATU & BERSEDIA maka SASARKAN 31 OGOS 2014 sebagai tarikh KERAMAT untuk semua. 

SEBARKAN PERJUANGAN NATIVE SABAH SARAWAK kepada komuniti di kawasan masing-masing, NGO Sabah Sarawak & para pemimpin parti-parti Sabahan & Sarawak agar berlaku KEBANGKITAN yang PADU!

"Kerana Anda Generasi Sabah Dahulu"

Kerana anda kami kehilangan Hak, 
Kerana anda kami dibanjiri PTI, 
Kerana anda kami kehilangan keselamatan,
Kerana anda kami dihina tinggal di atas Pokok.
Kerana anda kami dihina miskin,

Kerana anda pentingkan nama,
Kerana anda pentingkan pangkat,
Kerana anda pentingkan wang sendiri,
Anda lupa ramai yang sengsara kerana tindakkan Mu,

Kerana anda tidak tahu menjaga Negara,
Anda berikan dengan penjajah Malaya,
Anda berikan kepada pendatang asing,
Kami kehilangan tempat untuk berteduh,

Kami menangis dalam perjuangan,
Kami tersungkur dan lalu berdiri,
Kami menangis membayangkan generasi masa depan kami akan sengsara,
Kami menyaksikan mereka sengsara didepan mata kami sendiri, 
Di kala anda sudah hilang ditelan bumi.

Layakkah anda dipanggil nenek moyang kami,
Layakkah anda dipanggil datuk nenek kami,
Layakkah anda dipanggil ibu bapa kami,
Layakkah anda dipanggil saudara kami. 
Sedangkan anda tidak berjuang menjaga hak dan kedudukan kmi.

Berjuanglah bersama kami,
Sementara anda punya tenaga,
Bantulah kami menuntut hak,
Kami akan mengampuni kesalahanMu,
Kami akan teruskan perjuanganMu,
Itulah peninggalan Mu yg kami akan hargai, 
Setiap namaMu, GenarasiMu akan kami hormati.

Karya hasil Cinice An


"Keluar Dari Malaysia"

Satu petikan berita:

"Sejak kebelakangan ini, saya dapati banyak 'posting' di Facebook yang agak keterlaluan, yang boleh dianggap sebagai kegiatan subversif atau melanggar Akta Hasutan, terutama yang ada kaitan dengan perbuatan membakar semangat atau mengajak rakyat untuk mengeluarkan Sabah daripada Malaysia atau Persekutuan." -- Majlis Tertinggi UMNO Sabah

Jangan tanya kenapa ikan-ikan dalam akuarium mahu melompat keluar dari akuarium. Tanya si-penjaga akuarium kenapa ikan Sarawak tercungap-cungap tak cukup oksigen. Tanya juga kepada si-penjaga akuarium kenapa dia bagi ikan jenis PATI masuk ke dalam akuarium untuk berebut makanan dengan ikan Sabah. Banyak lagi soalan-soalan perlu ditanya kepada si-penjaga akuarium.

Kalau tak terjawab soalan-soalan di atas, jangan salahkan ikan-ikan kalau mereka nak keluar dari akuarium Malaysia. Akuarium berpuaka. Sana-sini panas, retak menanti belah. Terburai juga akhirnya nanti tangki air. Barack Obama pun tahu Malaysia akan pecah.

Itu analogi paling mudah yang pakcik boleh fikirkan untuk kefahaman sesetengah pemimpin yang otak udang. Pemimpin-pemimpin seperti itu semua berlari macam ketam UMNO. Laju memang laju. Tapi tak pernah lurus.

Pakcik tak pernah bengkok. Percaya lah. Selagi itu ada bulan di atas langit selagi itu lah pakcik memancing ikan dalam akuarium Malaysia. Setakat ini dah dapat 5000 ikan. Insha'allah tahun depan boleh dapat 5 juta ikan.

Tiada niat menghasut dalam perjuangan pakcik. Apa yang pakcik lakukan sekarang hanya lah sebagai meneruskan wasiat pemimpin-pemimpin SabahSarawak seawal tahun-tahun pembentukan Persekutuan Malaysia. Pakcik menurut perintah.

Temenggung Jugah sudah berpesan, Malaysia hanya manis pada nama tapi pahit pada realitinya. Tun Mustapha sudah tahu pahitnya. Dia mahu bawa Sabah keluar dari Persekutuan Malaysia. Stephen Kalong Ningkan juga tahu Malaysia adalah Big Mistake. Tun Fuad juga membantah Malaysia Scam.

Pemimpin-pemimpin SabahSarawak cuba perbetulkan Malaysia Plan. Sehingga ke hari ini SabahSarawak masih berusaha membuat pembetulan. Taib Mahmud dan Adenan Satem di Sarawak; Jeffrey Kitingan dan Darrel Leiking di Sabah. Dan ramai lagi! 

Pakcik adalah anak jati Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang. Ia menjadi tanggungjawab pakcik untuk meneruskan perjuangan pemimpin-pemimpin lama Borneo. Pendek kata, pakcik menurut perintah, pemegang amanah.

Hanya pengkhianat Sarawak dan pengkhianat Sabah yang tidak akan perjuangkan pesanan Bapa-Bapa Kemerdekaan kami. 

Labuan sudah dirampas oleh Malaya. Bintulu Port sudah jatuh ke tangan Malaya. Politik Sabah sudah dikotori oleh manusia jadian buatan kilang-kilang UMNO. Sandakan jadi Mini Manila, Tawau jadi Mini Jakarta. Politik Sarawak menyembah-nyembah Malaya. Hak-hak autonomi SabahSarawak terhakis. Minyak SabahSarawak disedut masuk ke dalam tong biru Malaya. Negeri-negeri di Malaya jadi kaya raya. SabahSarawak jatuh miskin. Bersyukur?! 

Hanya pengkhianat yang akan bersyukur. Kerana mereka hidup di zaman ini sahaja. Apa akan jadi di zaman anak-cucu mereka yang akan datang, mereka tak mahu ambil peduli. Mereka pentingkan diri sendiri. Harapan ibubapa mereka semasa Persekutuan Malaysia dibentuk tidak mereka pedulikan.

Apa yang buat pakcik fedup sangat-sangat dengan pengkhianat-pengkhianat yang pentingkan diri sendiri ini ialah mereka tak berdiam diri. Mereka sebaliknya menghasut rakyat SabahSarawak supaya:

1) - Bersyukur wilayah Sabah dan wilayah Sarawak jadi tanah jajahan Malaya; 2) - Jangan lawan Malaya, biarkan Malaya ambil minyak kita, jangan kurang ajar; 3) - Malaysia tahun 1963 memang terbentuk seperti yang ada sekarang: 13 negeri dan Putrajaya; 4) - Cina, India dan Bangsa Lain-Lain SabahSarawak tiba di Malaysia hanya dalam abad ke-21 selepas Ordinan Darurat dan ISA digugurkan; jadi mereka tiada hak bersuara di Malaysia.

Pengkhianat-pengkhianat kena bertanya pada diri mereka sendiri, sekiranya mereka masih ada perasaan tanggungjawab. Adakah perkara-perkara di atas yang diharapkan oleh ibubapa datuk nenek mereka dulu semasa bersetuju untuk bercantum dengan Malaya? Adakah mereka mahu anak-cucu mereka mewarisi masa depan yang sudah dirampas Malaya?


The Golden Son Of The Kadazan

On June 6th 1976, a Nomad Aircraft with eleven passengers on board crashed in the Sembulan Sea in Sabah, killing everyone on board including the Chief Minister and a promising young Kadazan politician -Datuk Peter J. Mojuntin. He was then only 37 years old.

This book is a tribute to him. It is a biography which embraces the major epochs that occurs during his short life span.

It is also deal with the separation of Singapore from Malaysia on 9th August, 1965 and the unconstitutional dismisal Of Stephen Kalong Ningkan as Sarawak Chief Minister in September 1966.

The author hopes he has been able present a glimpse of the cultural life of the Kadazan.

(Please continue your reading below or you might want to download it first before reading it all)

Free Sabah from Malaya’s Domination and Occupation - Dr. Jeffrey

KOTA KINABALU -  “The formation of Malaysia as a partnership through the merger of 4 sovereign entities is meaningless if Sabah continues to be occupied and dominated by the over-presence of Malayan government officers and federal government agencies” said Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, Chairman of BHF in his Malaysia Day message at the Batu Sumpah, Keningau.

Dr. Jeffrey who is also the Bingkor Assemblyman said that their over-presence and overbearing dominance of the federal ministries, departments and agencies showed that Sabah is just a “colony” of Malaya in the name of the federal government.

Sabah is slowly becoming a Malay unitary state of Malaya.

“Where is the partnership that we have been promised at the time of the formation of Malaysia” asked Dr. Jeffrey.

“What happened to the recommendation of the Cobbold Commision’s Chairman, Lord Cobbold, who said:-

“It is a necessary condition that, from the outset, Malaysia should be regarded by all concerned, as an association of partners, combining in the common to create a new nation but retaining their own individualities.”

“If any idea was to take root that Malaysia would involve a ‘take over’ of the Borneo territories by the Federation of Malaya and the submersion of the individualities of North Borneo and Sarawak, Malaysia would not, in my judgment, be generally acceptable or successful.”

Malaysia, Jeffrey said, has now clearly become Malaya’s “takeover” project  -  takeover of our political power (through Umno), takeover of our oil resources, our tax revenues and our legitimate role and share of the federal government.

They have also robbed us of our independence, re-engineered our population and our political franchise given to illegal immigrants, even our rights to visit and honour our Oath Stone, Batu Sumpah, has been denied from us.

“Do not brand us as trouble makers when we question what is wrong”.

Leaders in the federal and Sabah governments should put things right lest the future of Malaysia will be exactly what Lord Cobbold said “a failure” and “not acceptable”.

Is Malaysia Agreement 1963 a Valid International Agreement?


The formation of Malaysia as part of Britain's “de-colonization” plan was an extremely controversial issue opposed both locally and internationally in the 1960s. According to the declassified secret British colonial documents Britain had secretly planned a direct transfer (the “second cession” or annexation) of its Borneo colonial territories to Malayan rule without even first granting independence to the territories. Its critics said it was just exchanging the old colonial master for a new one. In other words it was a shocking denial of their inalienable right to self-determination.

A recent comment by a historian Geoffrey Wade pinpointed the purpose of the British Malayan creation of Malaysia was that “By ensuring that Sabah and Sarawak did not seek independence and instead became dependent on and subordinate to Kuala Lumpur, the British Cold War strategy of creating a Western-oriented bulwark across the middle of Southeast Asia was achieved.

(Please continue your reading below or you may want to download first before reading)


Be Serious in Solving Problems - Stop Cheating the People

I wish to respond to the press report made by Datuk Salleh Said Keruak, (Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly) captioned “Call to act on secession talk

Leaders should listen more and understand the voices of dissension and unhappiness ( and not jump to conclusions)

I am surprised that Salleh as a Sabahan leader do not care about the concerns of Sabahans and the injustices suffered by Sabahans as a result of the way Malaysia has turned out to be:-
  • Downgraded to 12th State and taken over by Malaya
  • Our resources, our revenues taken over by Kuala Lumpur/Putrajaya in the name of “Federalism”
  • Our population unlawfully changed and restructured
  • Political franchise taken over by foreigners
  • Our security compromised
  • Our political power directly under Malaya/Umno
  • The Malaysia Agreement 1963 ignored and all the promises, assurances by the Founding Fathers forgotten
Look where we are today
  • Colonized
  • Compromized
  • The poorest
  • Underdeveloped
  • Where is the promise of Borneonisation? (Everywhere federation jobs are taken by Malayans)
  • Where is the promise of “Independence” promised by Tunku Abdul Rahman when he said:
“The important aspect, of the Malaysia Ideal as i see it, is that it will enable the Borneo Territories to transform their present colonial status to self-government for themselves and absolute independence in Malaysia simultaneously.”
                                Tunku Abdul Rahman Al-Haj, Prime Minister Of Malaya
(Straits Times, October 2,1962)

Tunku Abdul Rahman Al-Haj, Prime Minister Of Malaya
(Sabah Times, Jesselton, August 30,1963)

  • Does Datuk Salleh know that Sabah decided to be independent on 31 August 1963? Sabah celebrated independence on 31 August 1963.
  • What is wrong in commemorating Sabah Independence and Flying the Sabah Flag?
  • For Sabahans and Sarawakians, their Independence is even more significant than Malaysia Day on 16 September because it signifies self-rule and would have been theirs even if Malaysia did not materialize.
Malaysia was officially formed on 16 September 1963 and we fly the Malaysia Flag or Jalur Gemilang for this.
  • Why do you want to FORCE Sabahans/Sarawakians to celebrate Malayan Independence on 31 August 1957?
  • It has no significance and meaningless
  • Malaysia was formed as a NEW FEDERATION, A NEW NATION, through a merger of Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak
In the Cobbold Commission, Lord Cobbold as the Chairman said:

“It is a necessary condition that, from the outset, Malaysia should be regarded by all concerned, as an association of partners, combining in the common to create a new nation but retaining their own individualities.”
  • Therefore, Malaysia did not exist before 16 September 1963, certainly not on 31 August 1957, and Malaysia has never been colonized or given independence.
  • Is Datuk Salleh saying that Malaysia is Malaya?
  • The Federal Government in 2009 officially agreed and recognized that Malaysia was formed and came into being on 16 September 1963 and officially declared 16 September as a national public holiday.
  • Is Datuk Salleh now saying that PM Najib has made a mistake in recognizing 16 September?
Datuk Salleh should take steps to correct the manipulation of facts and history, not condone it.   Let the truth and facts be put correctly:-
  • Malaya     -   independent on 31 August 1957
  • Sarawak   -   independent on 22 July 1963
  • Sabah       -   independent on 31 August 1963
  • Malaysia   -   FORMED ON 16 SEPTEMBER 1963
The federal government is suppressing the truth about the independence of Malaya and the formation of Malaysia.  They are promoting untruth and want the people of Sabah and Sarawak to celebrate the independence of Malaya on 31 August 1957.
  • Why is Datuk Salleh helping to promote the untruth and the manipulation of history?
  • Sabahans are not wrong in celebrating Sabah Independence on 31 August and fly the Sabah flag.   Datuk Salleh should support Sabahans in celebrating Sabah Independence and address their grievances on the manipulation and distortion of history and not threaten peace-loving Sabahans and sweep their grievances and unhanppiness under the carpet.
  • There is nothing wrong in celebrating Malayan independence.  However, if Sabah leaders want to celebrate Malayan independence and Malaysia’s independence, they should have their heads examined.  Malaysia and Malaya are 2 different things and 2 different countries.  If Malaysia is Malaya in disguise, it can only mean that Sabah and Sarawak were duped and cheated outright in the formation of Malaysia as not such new nation of Malaysia was formed.
  • Sabah leaders should not stop Sabah Independence celebrations and should do the same like Sarawak on 22 July.   When Sarawakians held the Sarawak Freedom Walk in 2013 and 2014, the Sarawak government ensured that the participants were looked after and even sent police outriders to escort the walking participants along the entire route.
  • I am glad fed govt finally realise Malaya is Malaya and Msia is Msia and recognize MDay.  If that is wrong, Salleh hv to ask Najib made wrong decision
STOP FOOLING THE NEW GENERATION, they know the true history of the Formation of Malaysia on 16 September 1963 and that Malaysia never gained independence on 31 August 1957.
  • If Datuk Salleh speaking on behalf of Umno/Malaya, I can understand but he is also a Sabahan.   He is the PERFECT EXAMPLE of a proxy of Kuala Lumpur/Putrajaya/Malaya and the real traitor to Sabah’s Independence.
  • Is Datuk Salleh happy that Umno in control of Sabah with Sabahans suffering although he saying things to please his political masters in Malaya and now fighting to be appointed as the replacement Chief Minister, an appointment by the President of Umno and not in accordance of Constitution of Sabah.
  • The people are real patriots voicing and fighting for the restoration of Sabah rights and autonomy.  Traitors to Sabah are like those traitors during the Japanese occupation of Sabah who helped the Japanese to control Sabah.  Those Sabah leaders who are not only not fighting for the rights of Sabah but instead helping outsiders to control Sabah are the real traitors now. 
  • He should sing and memorize Sabah’s national anthem “SABAH TANAH AIRKU” to realize that Sabah is “Negeri Merdeka, Merdeka Sepanjang Masa…” but only in name.
  • What the younger generation want is the RESTORATION of Sabah’s independence and autonomy.

The various comments in Facebook are but symptoms of the problems of Malaysia today …… SABAH’S INDEPENDENCE ON 31 AUGUST, SABAH RIGHTS, OIL AND GAS RIGHTS, SECESSION, SELF-DETERMINATION, etc. We should address the real problems instead of condemning and threatening those who voice out their frustrations.
  • Where is Sabah’s independence?   Is Datuk Salleh happy with current scenario Sabah and Sabahans are in?
  • If Sabah BN leaders are concerned about Malaysia and wish to SAVE MALAYSIA, they must address the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) and address the unhappiness and concerns of Sabahans and Sarawakians, not threaten them. 
  • Sabahans and Sarawakians want MA63 to be implemented not thrown into dustbin as is done now by the federal government. 
  • Genuine and patriotic Sabahans want real progress and development for Sabah which has descended from being the 2nd richest in the 1970s to the poorest state currently. 
  • Malaya promised Sabah security but where is the security now compared to the past when Sabah was more secure.
  • The federal government controlled by Umno is the cause of the insecurity and security problems in Sabah by giving ICs to illegal immigrants who become Umno members and BN voters to make Sabah the fixed deposit for Umno/BN.
  • Where are the jobs for Sabahans and Sarawakians in the federal government?  50 years ago, Sabahans were in control of Sabah with government agencies staffed by Sabahans.   Now, the federal government bring in a parallel government by bringing in federal agencies and federal departments and staffed by Malayans with Sabahans relegated to low-ranking or menial jobs.  The Malayans dominate everything, the army, police, ministries, agencies, even in Sabah.  Sabah is just a colony of Malaya and sometimes they refer to Malaysia without Sabah and Sarawak and sometimes Malaysia include Sabah and Sarawak.
  • Who is running the Immigration Department, its Putrajaya not Sabah?  They block the entry of opposition leaders but let in illegal immigrants freely and give them ICs, houses, allowances, privileges, licences which are denied to local natives.
It is very obvious Sabahans and Sarawakians are aggrieved and they have every reason to be.   The Sabah leaders are not listening and not helping.  The people are finding and voicing out in social media and other ways.   Datuk Salleh is just following the old dictatorial ways and threatening the people instead of listening and addressing the issues raised by the people.

Where is our dignity and pride of Sabah, Sabah leaders, Sabah Umno leaders and the Sabah government?   They have failed to address and correct the injustices faced by Sabahans. 

So, if Datuk Salleh is sincere and not playing politics to play upmanship against his competitors for the Chief Minster’s post, I challenge him to get the Federal Government to establish:

MALAYSIA REVIEW COMMITTEE to discuss the problems of Malaysia as soon as possible so as to SAVE MALAYSIA.

As for the Petition to the United Nations, it is to solve the Malaysia problem and not secessionist. Datuk Salleh is mistaken and making false and malicious accusations of it being secessionist.  It is an extension of the 1962 Petition submitted by Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei to the United Nations for the United Nations to hear the views and the people given the process of self-determination which was denied before the formation of Malaysia. 

The United Nations did agree to hear the 1962 Petition but unfortunately the British made a swoop on the nationalists promoting self-determination for Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei and accused these nationalists of being communists so as not to deflect the British and Malayan intention to proceed with the Malaysia proposal.  Resulting from the turmoil, these nationalists did not make it to make the presentation at the United Nations.  These nationalists were for real independence and fearful that the Malaysia project would be a handover of colonization from Britain to Malaya.  51 years later, today, their fears have become reality.

If you read paragraphs 6 and 7 of the IGC Report, the Malaysia proposal was decided by the British and Malaya.   However, both the Legislative Councils of Sarawak and North Borneo agreed to accept the Malaysia proposal subject to constitutional safeguards to protect the interests of Sarawak and North Borneo.   There was no self-determination.

The Petition to the United Nations was initiated in Miri on 09 August, 2014 by the Sarawak Association of People’s Aspirations (SAPA) and BHF and will target the collection of 300,000 signatures.  The objective of the Petition is to seek the United Nations to hear the views of the people in Sabah and Sarawak and for the Malaysian government to solve the existing problems rather than sweeping them under the carpet as is being done by the federal government with actions like that taken by Datuk Salleh.  The Petition is to continue the unfinished business of the 1962 Petition now that the fear of takeover has become real.

I have personally raised the Malaysia issue at the Sabah State Legislative Assembly but it was not allowed.   The UN Petition is an alternative solution since the government is not willing to listen and take action to rectify the problems and the United Nations is the only body that can bring nations and government together.  Like I said earlier, the intention is to solve problems and not being secessionist.

Contrary to Datuk Salleh’s accusations, we are promoting and instilling patriotism for Sabah and Malaysia while at the same time enlightening the people on the true history of Sabah and the formation of Malaysia.   Together with other NGOs, programs that are being held to promote the patriotism include the Merdeka Walk where participants will walk starting on 27 August from Kudat to KK, from Ranau to KK and a motorcade procession from Keningau to KK culminating in a Independence Walk on 31 August , at Tg. Aru, Kota Kinabalu.  There will be a Merdeka Convoy from Ranau to Kundasang on 5 September, a Love Malaysia Parade in Ranau on 6 September, a Malaysia Day Commemoration at the Batu Sumpah in Keningau on 16 September followed by a Malaysia Day Convoy from Keningau, Sabah to Limbang in Sarawak to meet the similar Sarawak Malaysia Day Convoy.

The participants and the people are patriots of Sabah and Malaysia and not secessionists.

Datuk Dr. Jeffrey G. Kitingan
20 August 2014

Insulting the people by denying poverty

By Daniel John Jambun

Of all the many current issues being debated in the media, Najib’s ‘assurance’ during his recent visit to Sabah that the state is no longer the poorest in Malaysia is the one that currently hitting the most sensitive nerves among Sabahans.

While the statement was supported by local BN leaders, the opposition leaders have expressed shock at the Najib’s statement. People on the ground are scornful and believe it is all a desperate political spin to give a positive impact for Najib’s visit to Sabah prior to the general election.

According to Najib, “per capita income in the East Malaysian state has crept past Kelantan and was almost on par with the national average” with the number of households categorised as hardcore poor has been reduced to 7,000 now, down from 30,000 previously, without any mention of exact time period. "Sabah is now a state with so much potential," he observed.

The main problem with Najib’s statement is that it lacked any evidence. And it’s an insult to say that “Sabah has crept past Kelantan” as if Sabah deserves only to be compared with the second poorest state in Malaysia. Why not compare us with Selangor and Penang? If we had crept past the second poorest state, the progress wasn’t much and it meant we had to struggled on our knees just to do that. This therefore means we are no much better off. And this statistics about reduction of hardcore poor households coming down to 7,000 from a previous 30,000 is very doubtful because it cannot be corroborated from any source. Najib didn’t even say from what year to what year the reduction took place. And if this was true a personnel from the Statistics Department should have came up with a supporting statement to provide reliable and verifiable data. I would believe Najib only if there is an independent confirmation from the World Bank.

I would like to remind BN leaders that when World Bank submitted its report to the State Government in November 2010, it’s representative Emmanuel Jimenez said that “Sabah was not only the poorest state in Malaysia but it’s likely to stay that way for a considerable length of time given current efforts in poverty eradication.” The report specifically said that “the bottomline was that Malaysia’s economic planning in Sabah so far HAS NOT BEEN FOR INCLUSIVE GROWTH. Although efforts by the Government have somewhat brought down the poverty rate, it’s still not enough… Sabahans continue to struggle to make ends meet. This is more evident in the outskirts of the towns.” The phrase “has not been for inclusive growth” means any growth tyried by the government didn’t include most of the state’s economic sectors, and excluded most of the people. So, there! My question is how did those poor people suddenly disappear?

Certainly it was not because of any fantastic government efforts! All those poverty eradication programs didn’t and aren’t working – the i-Azam Wanita 1Malaysia (a rural economic financing program for women) has not made any impact in Sabah, the e-Kasih has been widely accused of being implemented with pilih kasih (favouristism) and the PPRT is being abused to reward Umno supporters who are already doing well financially. They are all not achieving their targets as planned although the government had bragged they would be bringing poverty down. The government actually had not even taken into account the force of high inflation which is killing off whatever small effects are coming from these mismanaged programs. So what the people is really getting is the receding value of their income in the face of skyrocketing cost of living which is causing dramatic increase in urban poverty.

Because of this inflation, even government servants have to depend on Ah Longs to make ends meet, and as a consequence they suffer even more from having to make the exorbitant repayments. Employment and business opportunities are scarce. What you see in the local newspaper are court summonses and bankruptcy notices. As of June 2010, 218,561 Malaysians have gone bankrupt, and worse, Malaysia itself is feared to be going bankrupt by 2019!

As for Sabah, we have to understand that poverty is not happening mainly because of international economic forces, but by design as a way for Umno/BN to ensure we Sabahans continue to be beholden to them.

Najib’s statement that Sabah has such great potential is another insult because by saying so he is being hypocritical because he knows very well how the Federal Government is denying Sabah a lot of potential growth by taking away 95 percent of our oil, taking a massive collection of taxes from Sabah, giving us small development allocations, perpetuating the cabotage policy which is accelerating inflation in Sabah and Sarawak, and taking lands in Sabah for Felcra and Felda which do not contribute much to the state economy. All these policies are strangling Sabah’s economy, had contributed to us becoming the poorest state, so where are we going with this great potential that we are supposed to have now? All I can see is that Sabah is a great potential for the Federal Government to exploit further, and to be treated as a fixed deposit.

And isn’t it ironic and laughable that while all this talk us about not being the poorest anymore, there is that report about illiteracy still pervading Ulu Paitan? The report talks about people being unable to attend school due to impossible distances. If that is not abject poverty, I don’t know what is.

And on then same page that Datuk Azizah Mohd. Dun was agreeing with Najib about Sabah no longer the poorest state, there is the embarrassing report about people in Keningau and Tambunan (Tan Sri Pairin’s area) asking for allocations to improve their lives (to build roads, huts, gravity pipes, clinics, etc.) because “the lives of many people… are no different from that of the 1960s”! This clearly means the people there have never enjoyed the fruits of independence! What a shame!

We can continue to cite thousands of examples of poverty still pervading the people just to prove that the Federal Government has failed miserably to help Sabahans. We can even provide graphic pictures of people living in abject poverty in the interiors. We have known and had spoken about this since a long time, so when the Chief Executive of the land comes here and declare most of our poverty has disappeared, it is just unacceptable and insulting. 

Sarawak halang parti semenanjung

Ketua Menteri setuju agar resolusi berkenaan dikeluarkan, tetapi larangan perlu membabitkan semua parti politik berasal dari semenanjung termasuk parti pembangkang.

KUCHING: Barisan Nasional (BN) Sarawak bertekad tidak akan membenarkan mana-mana parti politik berasal dari semenanjung bertapak di negara ini.

Ketua Menteri Sarawak Adenan Satem berkata segala urusan dan pentadbiran negeri ini mampu digalas oleh parti komponen BN sedia ada tanpa perlu campurtangan parti politik lain dari semenanjung.

“Kita tidak mahu mana-mana parti yang berasal dari semenanjung sama ada parti pembangkang seperti PKR, DAP dan PAS mahupun UMNO masuk ke Sarawak.

“Kita bukan tidak sukakan UMNO tetapi peranan dan tanggungjawab UMNO sudah dilaksanakan dengan jayanya oleh Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) di Sarawak. PBB sedar akan tanggungjawab dan peranan penting dalam urusan pentadbiran negeri ini,” katanya.

Adenan berkata demikian ketika berucap pada Majlis Ramah Tamah Aidilfitri Peringkat Negeri Sarawak anjuran Amanah Khairat Yayasan Budaya Melayu Sarawak di sini, kelmarin.

DAP cabar keluar resolusi halang UMNO ke Sarawak

Pengerusi DAP Sarawak Chong Chieng Jen pernah mencabar Timbalan Presiden PBB Abang Johari untuk mengeluarkan resolusi menghalang kemasukan UMNO ke Sarawak pada persidangan DUN Sarawak baru-baru ini.

Mengulas perkara itu Adenan setuju agar resolusi berkenaan dikeluarkan, tetapi larangan perlu membabitkan semua parti politik berasal dari semenanjung termasuk parti pembangkang.

“Dengan resolusi ini, maka PAS, DAP dan PKR juga patut dihalang daripada memasuki Sarawak. Ini adalah pengajaran bagi pembangkang kerana jika mereka ‘pukul’ PBB (BN) sekali, kita balas dengan tiga kali pukulan,” jelasnya.


1.    Doktrin Blok Ideologi Yang Mengerikan

Tulisan ini cuba mempromosikan suatu wacana yang berhubung dengan paradigma politik bernegara Borneo (Sabah Sarawak) dalam konteks Gagasan Malaysia, iaitu tentang tatacara bermasyarakat dan berkerajaan bersama dengan Malaya yang bergabung sejak 16 September 1963.

Dalam konteks Sabah, penduduk Sabah hari ini terbahagi kepada dua blok ideologi besar. Pertama adalah mereka yang mahu melindungi dan mempertahankan kedaulatan kuasa memerintah Sabah dari sudut orang asal yang majoritinya terdiri daripada mereka yang sama ada Non-muslim atau masih Pagan.

Kedua adalah mereka yang mahu mengekalkan kelangsungan dominasi kuasa ketuanan Malaya di Sabah yang kononnya demi kewujudan kerajaan Sabah yang berteraskan Islam, yang juga majoritinya terdiri daripada mereka yang Muslim.

Persoalannya ialah, benarkah bahawa blok ideologi yang kedua tersebut di atas betul-betul mahukan ketuanan Malaya atau sekadar akibat akhir dari kegagalan mutlak dalam memahami konsep politik berbangsa, bernegara dan berkerajaan dari sudut nasionalisme dan patriotisme orang asal tanpa mengambil kira susun galur leluhur darah Sabahan?

Perlu dijelaskan bahawa, saya bukan orang politik yang juga hanya laksana sebutir pasir di Borneo. Namun begitu, saya sering berkata agar pengamal politik Sabahan bersikap dedikasi dalam melihat keseluruhan Sabah dari sudut nasionalisme dan patriotisme bangsa-negara Sabah dengan mengambil kira sejarah dan susun galur leluhur masa silam Sabahan.

Maksudnya, menjunjung ungkapan “Demi Bangsa-Negara Sabah” hendaklah mendahului ungkapan “Demi Parti Politik” apatah lagi parti politik ‘Made In Malaya’ yang sedang menindas, disamping telah mengkhianati hak dan kedudukan Sabah dalam Malaysia lebih setengah abad yang lalu,  sehingga membawa kepada pembahagian penduduk Sabah ke dalam dua blok ideologi besar yang saling bertentangan.

Apapun, implikasi pertembungan kedua-dua blok ideologi besar yang dimaksudkan akan membelah diri Sabahan daripada jalur pemikiran damai kepada jalur pemikiran sengketa berpanjangan yang amat suram dan begitu merugikan dalam konteks satu komuniti identiti bangsa-negara Sabah yang tidak lagi harmoni di masa hadapan.

Dalam erti kata lain, tidak lagi berpandukan kepada garis hidup aman damai dan sentosa yang diinginkan dan yang diwariskan oleh leluhur masa silam Sabahan, sehingga garis hidup mereka tidak lagi dapat dipertahankan untuk gagal dihantar kepada generasi yang akan datang.

Sehubungan itu, apa yang sangat membimbangkan dan bahkan paling mengerikan jika pemecahan penduduk Sabah kepada dua blok ideologi besar doktrin Malaya ini, ada kemungkinan untuk bakal menghantar generasi Sabahan di masa yang akan datang ke lembah permusuhan berdarah atas nama fanatik agama dan sentimen kaum sebagaimana sengketa seumpamanya di negara-negara timur tengah.

2.    Konsep Politik Bernegara

Definisi 'politik' yang paling mudah difaham adalah pengetahuan mengenai ketatanegaraan atau kenegaraan yang berhubung dengan bentuk suatu pemerintahan atau dasar pemerintahan sesebuah negara. Dengan kata lain, bentuk pemerintahan yang digunakan dalam mentadbir sesebuah negara (negara Sabah contohnya) dari sudut paradigma falsafah politik.

Buku ‘Politik’ karya Aristotle (350SM) terjemahan Benjamin Jowett, merupakan titik asas yang membahaskan kehidupan konsep politik bernegara, khususnya politik negara barat. Buku ‘Politik’ merupakan karya pertama yang membincangkan secara mendalam dan terperinci mengenai bentuk-bentuk pemerintahan dan kehidupan berpolitik sesebuah negara.

Menurut Aristotle, bentuk negara yang baik adalah polisi negara yang berdasarkan kepada ‘kepentingan umum dan setiap individu’. Sedangkan bentuk pemerintahan yang hanya berdasarkan kepada unsur penguasa elit adalah bentuk pemerintahan yang buruk.

Menurut Aristotle, bentuk pemerintahan yang baik adalah Monarki, Aristokrasi dan Politeia. Sedangkan bentuk pemerintahan yang buruk adalah Tirani, Oligarki dan Demokrasi.

Namun begitu, Monarki dianggap sebagai pemerintahan yang baik hanya jika raja yang memimpin adalah orang yang berdasarkan kepada pengalaman yang dimilikinya yang sentiasa bertindak atas dasar perkara yang bijaksana (falsafah). Tetapi, untuk mencari orang seperti yang dimaksudkan adalah sesuatu yang sukar, kerana monarki juga terdedah kepada bentuk kezaliman dan penindasan.

Menurut Aristotle, Aristokrasi merupakan satu bentuk yang lebih baik dari Monarki. Sebab, dalam Aristokrasi pemerintahan tidak hanya dikendalikan oleh satu orang, melainkan oleh sekumpulan orang yang mempunyai sifat yang baik.

Namun begitu, hampir menjadi sesuatu yang tidak mungkin untuk mencari sekumpulan orang seperti yang dimaksudkan. Sehingga bentuk Aristokrasi besar kemungkinan akan jatuh juga ke lembah bentuk Oligarki akhirnya. Justeru, menurut Aristotle Politeia (pemerintahan yang dipegang oleh seluruh rakyat untuk kepentingan umum) adalah bentuk pemerintahan yang paling baik. Sebab, dalam Politeia setiap individu berkuasa atas sesamanya dan begitu juga sebaliknya.

Dengan kata lain, kuasa pemerintahan terletak di tangan khalayak umum. Namun begitu, yang membezakan ‘Politeia’ dengan ‘Demokrasi’ adalah bentuk demokrasi yang lebih sederhana kerana kebebsannya di ikat oleh ‘Perlembagaan’ yang menjadi acuan kepada pelaksanaan sistem pemerintahan bernegara.

Menurut Aristotle, yang menjadi landasan paling asas sistem demokrasi adalah kebebasan, dan salah satu prinsip kebebasan adalah setiap individu mempunyai peluang yang sama untuk memerintah secara bergilir-gilir. Namun begitu, permasalahannya adalah jika kebebasan diberikan kepada setiap individu, tentunya akan berlaku pertembungan maksud dari kebebasan individu. Yang demikian, akan muncul persoalan kehendak siapa yang menjadi acuan bersama?

Justeru, Aristotle berpendapat bahawa, yang menjadi acuan bersama adalah apa yang dikatakan sebagai kehendak bersama. Aristotle melihat bahawa, kewujudan orang miskin jauh lebih ramai dari orang kaya. Justeru, hampir dapat dipastikan atau boleh diagak bahawa, yang akan menjadi acuan bersama adalah apa yang menjadi kehendak dari orang miskin.

Lantaran itu, Aristotle mencadangkan, agar setiap individu mesti hidup sesuai dengan kehendaknya. Ertinya, setiap individu perlu diberikan kebebasan dalam menentukan hidup tanpa mendapat kawalan dari orang lain, kerana apabila individu tidak boleh hidup mengikut kehendaknya sendiri, maka kehidupan akan menjadi sama saja dengan hamba.

Oleh itu, muncul anggapan bahawa setiap individu tidak boleh dikuasai oleh orang lain. Maka, setiap individu diberikan peluang untuk menguasai dan dikuasai. Dengan kata lain, prinsip kebebasan yang didasarkan kepada asas persamaan dalam bermasyarakat, bernegara dan berkerajaan dalam erti kata demokrasi yang mengutamakan sikap saling hormat-menhormati dan lindung-melindungi dalam lima bentuk demokrasi.

3.    Bentuk-Bentuk Demokrasi

Pertama, orang miskin tidak mendapat keuntungan dari orang kaya, namun di antara keduanya tidak ada yang boleh menjadi tuan atau hamba, melainkan keduanya sama. Prinsip yang digunakan untuk mewujudkan asas persamaan yang ada dalam demokrasi adalah dengan cara saling berkongsi. Oleh itu, yang menjadi penentu dalam konteks demokrasi adalah kehendak majoriti;

Kedua, pemerintah dipilih berdasarkan kepada kelayakan tertentu, dalam erti kata pemilikan yang terbatas. Ertinya, pemilikan yang dimaksudkan adalah sesuatu yang dimiliki oleh sedikit orang, sehingga menjadi lebih mudah dalam menentukan siapa yang memerintah. Contohnya, pemilikan harta kekayaan. Individu yang mempunyai harta akan diberikan peluang dalam mengambil bahagian dalam pemerintahan, sedangkan mereka yang tidak memilikinya akan kehilangan hak-haknya.

Ketiga, setiap individu yang tidak kehilangan kelayakan tersebut memperoleh kesempatan untuk turut serta dalam pemerintahan, namun statusnya masih di bawah undang-undang yang menjadi kedaulatan tertinggi. Ertinya, setiap individu atau golongan termasuk kerajaan, statusnya tetap terikat oleh undang-undang yang berlaku.

Keempat, setiap individu yang berstatus warganegara mempunyai peluang yang sama untuk melibatkan diri dalam pemerintahan, namun perlembagaan atau undang-undang tetap menjadi sandaran yang paling tinggi.

Kelima, semua aspek dari demokrasi yang sebelumnya tetap sama keadaannya, namun yang menjadi sandaran tertinggi bukanlah undang-undang, melainkan rakyat sendiri. Kedudukan rakyat berada di atas undang-undang. Namun begitu, bentuk negara yang seperti yang dimaksudkan sangat terdedah kepada gangguan demagog (penghasut). Kerana pemerintah demagog sendiri yang kemungkinan menyebarkan pelbagai isu negatif yang membuatkan keadaan sosial dan negara kacau-bilau.

4.    Pemeringkatan Golongan Sosial

Menurut Aristotle, dalam sebuah negara terdapat tiga peringkat golongan sosial, pertama golongan sosial yang kaya; kedua golongan sosial yang miskin; dan ketiga golongan sosial yang pertengahan.

Menurut Aristotle, dalam sebuah negara golongan kaya akan memandang remeh prinsip rasional kerana beranggapan bahawa, diri mereka di atas prinsip rasional. Oleh itu, golongan kaya sangat sukar untuk mentaati peraturan kerana menganggap diri mereka mempunyai kelebihan yang tidak perlu mengikat diri mereka kepada peraturan yang ada.

Manakala golongan miskin pula dikatakan sebagai sukar untuk mengikuti prinsip rasional dan peraturan kerana pemikiran mereka dianggap singkat dan terhad.

Yang demikian, ideal komposisi sosial yang paling baik adalah golongan pertengahan, kerana golongan pertengahan lebih mudah untuk menyesuaikan diri kepada prinsip rasional. Justeru, golongan yang boleh diharap dalam mentaati gugusan peraturan adalah golongan pertengahan.

Sehubungan itu, Aristotle percaya bahawa, negara demokrasi lebih baik dari negara oligarki kerana disebabkan oleh faktor kehadiran golongan pertengahan jika lebih ramai dalam negara demokrasi. Tetapi, jika golongan menengah tidak bersifat dominan berbanding golongan miskin, maka negara ada kemungkinan untuk jatuh ke lembah kekacauan, bahkan negara mungkin akan berakhir.

Lantaran itu, maka dalam konteks bangsa-negara Sabah semenjak 1976 hingga kini, pada dasarnya status negara Sabah yang ditubuhkan pada 20 Mei 1882 sudah hancur dan berakhir untuk menjadi negeri ke-12 Malaya atas nama Malaysia yang dibentuk pada 16 September 1963.

5.    Gagasan Malaysia Di Persada Sejarah

Sesungguhnya negara-negara (Sabah, Sarawak dan Malaya) yang membentuk Malaysia mempunyai akar dalam apa yang disebut sejarah. Sejarah menurut Herodotus adalah kesan tindakan manusia; sejarah menurut Ibn Khaldun adalah cerita tentang tindakan manusia; dan saya percaya bahawa sejarah adalah sarjana agung dalam kehidupan yang tidak pernah berbohong kerana sejarah adalah lidah kebenaran.

Apapun, Sabah, Sarawak dan Malaya dalam lintasan sejarah moden telah ditubuhkan menjadi sebuah negara yang wujud sistem pemerintahan sendiri yang tiada kaitan sebelum bergabung pada 16 September 1963 atas nama Malaysia:

Sarawak ditubuhkan pada 24 September 1841 dan telah dimerdekakan oleh United Kingdom pada 22 Julai 1963; Sabah pula ditubuhkan pada 20 Mei 1882 dan telah dimerdekakan oleh United Kingdom pada 31 Ogos 1963; dan Malaya ditubuhkan pada 31 Januari 1948 dan telah dimerdekakan oleh United Kingdom pada 31 Ogos 1957.

Lantas, ketiga-ketiga negara yang merdeka ini telah bergabung dalam ‘Gagasan Malaysia’ berdasarkan kepada terma dan syarat yang terkandung dalam perjanjian 18/20 Perkara di antara Sabah, Sarawak dan Malaya serta Perjanjian Berkenaan Dengan Penubuhan Malaysia 1963 yang dimuktamadkan pada 16 September 1963.

6.    Visi, Misi Dan Objektif Gagasan Malaysia

VISI : Mewujudkan satu bentuk penyatuan ekonomi dan politik yang melibatkan Malaya, Singapura, Brunei, Sabah dan Sarawak.

MISI : Mewujudkan kerjasama antara penduduk Malaya, Singapura, Brunei, Sabah dan Sarawak dengan kerajaan British dalam menjayakan pembentukan gagasan politik baru di Asia Tenggara.

OBJEKTIF : Menyekat pengaruh komunis; mengimbangi jumlah penduduk; meningkatkan kemajuan ekonomi; mempercepat kemerdekaan Borneo dan Singapura; dan menjaga kepentingan kaum penduduk asal (bumiputera).

7.    Kesabaran Sabah Sarawak Di Batas Akhir

Dalam sejarah, Gagasan Malaysia dibentuk melalui kuasa pujuk rayu Malaya dalam suatu proses yang panjang. Namun, sesudah Sabah Sarawak masuk “bubu Malaya” lantas kuasa gertak dan sentimen agama diangkat dan dimainkan untuk memecahkan penduduk Borneo khususnya rakyat Sabah sehingga terbelah kepada dua blok ideologi besar dalam konteks Islam dan Kristian yang secara terang-terangan melanggar dan mencabul terma dan syarat perjanjian 18/20 Perkara di antara Sabah, Sarawak dan Malaya.

Oleh itu, demi maruah nenek moyang, harga diri Sabah Sarawak dan generasi yang akan datang keduanya, maka kesabaran Sabahan Sarawakian kini di batas akhir untuk bangun melindungi “kedudukan, hak dan masa depan” dalam Malaysia untuk melawan balik serangan kejam penindasan politik dan ekonomi oleh Malaya ke atas rakyat Sabah Sarawak disebalik topeng Malaysia.

Sesungguhnya sikap dan tindakan Malaya dalam melanggar, mencabul, mengkhianati dan memijak “Perjanjian 18/20 Perkara dan Malaysia Agreement 1963” yang menjadi terma dan syarat kepada penubuhan Malaysia atau pengwujudan Malaysia seolah-olah Malaya bukan lagi rakan kongsi Sabah Sarawak yang setara atau sama taraf dalam Malaysia, melainkan penjajah, penindas dan perompak kepada Sabah Sarawak atas nama Malaysia!

Pecutan penduduk Sabah yang tidak masuk akal contohnya, yang juga dikaitkan dengan IC Projek Malaya kepada Pendatang Tanpa Izin (PTI) untuk menjadi melayu baru, di samping senario keputusan RCI yang masih tidak didedahkan telah meletakkan rakyat Sabah pada posisi semangat nasionalisme tinggi lantaran mengambil kira masa depan generasi mereka di masa hadapan. Dalam erti kata lain, bukan hanya kaum melayu Malaya yang perlu hidup, tetapi rakyat Sabah Sarawak juga perlu hidup.

Dengan kata lain, sesungguhnya pelanggaran Malaya terhadap 18/20 Perkara dan Perjanjian Penubuhan Malaysia 1963 akan melahirkan tindak balas Sabah Sarawak untuk tidak mahu berputih mata kepada Malaya demi “kebenaran sejarah, hak ekonomi, status negara dan masa depan” Sabah Sarawak dalam Malaysia.

Malaya mungkin inginkan Sabah Sarawak berputih mata sesudah bersetuju bergabung dengannya atas nama Malaysia, tetapi ingat, putih mata bukan prinsip aspirasi penubuhan Malaysia dalam erti kata visi, misi dan objektif pembentukan Malaysia pada 16 September 1963.

Bahkan, pembentukan Malaysia lebih kepada membantu meyelesaikan masalah peribadi Malaya atas nama Malaysia khususnya yang berhubung dengan perseimbangan kaum. Namun, pertolongan Sabah Sarawak dibalas dengan konsep penaklukan oleh Malaya atas nama Malaysia tanpa pengisytiharan penjajahan sejak lebih setengah abad yang lalu.

Dengan kata lain, sudah lebih setengah abad Sabah Sarawak sabar dan tabah hidup dalam penindasan Malaya dalam bidang politik dan ekonomi sehingga walaupun kaya dan banyak hasil, namun termiskin dalam Malaysia ‘bak tikus mati di lumbung padi, bak ayam di kepuk mati kelaparan dan bak itik di air mati kehausan’.

Sesungguhnya Sabahan hari ini adalah monumen bagi Sabahan masa silam; dan Sabahan di hari esok adalah monumen bagi Sabahan hari ini. Justeru, Sabahan hari ini mesti bersatu menggilap monumen harapan Sabahan masa silam agar dapat dihantar kepada generasi Sabahan yang akan datang dengan selamat.

Sehubungan itu, maka cabaran terbesar nasionalis Sabahan hari ini adalah mendepani pengkhianatan terkutuk regim Malaya dalam konteks pemberian jutaan IC Projek kepada PTI menjadi "melayu baru" dalam erti kata menjual maruah kedaulatan kemerdekaan Sabah kepada PTI untuk kepentingan Malaya dalam menjajah, menindas dan merompak sabah.

Yang demikian, seluruh Sabahan mesti serius dan dedikasi bangun berdiri dan seiring melangkah dengan sederap rentak dalam erti kata bersatu melaungkan semboyan menuntut Malaya dan dunia agar semua PTI yang menjadi Pendatang Asing Tapi Ada IC (PATAI) dihantar ke Malaya kerana secara benarnya mereka adalah warganegara Malaya di Sabah yang taat setia kepada Malaya dan ingin bertuankan Malaya.

8.    PUDI Jalan Mati Borneonisasi

Tatkala Malaya sudah menganggap atau berlagak dirinya Malaysia, dan mengatasnamakan kerajaan Pusat Dan Integrasi nasional (PUDI) sebagai penanda halal kepada semua tindakannya dalam merompak dan merampas secara besar-besaran hak Sabah Sarawak dalam Borneonisasi yang terkandung dalam perjanjian 18/20 Perkara, maka buta-buta saja Sabah Sarawak kehilangan segala-galanya kepada Malaya.

Yang demikian, PUDI adalah jalan mati Borneonisasi sehingga Sabahan dan Sarawakian terpaksa menyembah dan mengemis kepada Malaya untuk mendapatkan sedikit sisa dari saki-baki jawatan rendah yang terdapat di dalam jabatan-jabatan dan lembaga-lembaga kerajaan yang pada hakikatnya adalah hak milik Sabah Sarawak dalam konteks Borneonisasi.

Justeru, sesungguhnya pencerobohan dan pencabulan Malaya terhadap maruah kemerdekaan Sabah Sarawak tidak akan meninggalkan memori manis, selain memori pahit buat Sabahan dan Sarawakian pada masa hadapan. Lantaran itu, bagi generasi Sabahan dan Sarawakian untuk beribu-ribu tahun dalam perjalanan abad di masa akan datang, tiada seorang pun daripada kita pada masa ini, yang akan tahu nasib sedih yang akan menimpa mereka, kerana kita tidak akan bertemu dengan mereka untuk menyaksikan kehidupan mereka.

Oleh itu, seluruh Sabahan dan Sarawakian hari ini yang masih hidup wajar membuktikan diri sebagai seorang pejuang untuk memori pengorbanan dalam memegang impian dan harapan manis kewujudan generasi bangsa-negara Sabah Sarawak di masa yang akan datang di dunia ini.

Sesungguhnya Sabahan dan Sarawakian sudah kehilangan satu generasi yang tidak dapat menikmati erti sebenar kedaulatan kemerdekaan akibat penilaian yang koyak daripada keputusan yang dicapai dalam pandora mentaliti hamba angkara aspirasi abadi ingin bertuankan Malaya yang begitu jauh tersasar dan terbabas dari landasan visi, misi dan objektif penubuhan Malaysia sehingga maruah Sabah Sarawak akhirnya terkorban di muara penghinaan suram dalam sejarah yang dipalsukan.

Kebangkitan Karma Kesedaran,
Kekuatan Karma Kesatuan,
Rakyat Seborneo Bersatulah!

- Naspazi (12 September, 2014)

Have we wasted 51 years in nation-building?

For five decades, Sabahans and Sarawakians have been taken for granted and their development forgotten.

By Zainnal Ajamain

In theory democracy is an appealing idea. In practice it is far from perfect.

There are people who take the cynical stand that democracy is the tyranny of the majority. In fact, that is what the people in Sabah and Sarawak have suffered in our quest to build a nation for 51 years.

The Malaysia project was never a merger of states into a complete country but a work in progress towards the building of a federation called Malaysia. This was what our founding fathers believed in and what we have been made to believe for 51 years.

The unfortunate thing is that the Malaysia project is looked upon by many as a way to sustain and maintain an elite class made up of people who are not democratically elected to be in office.

It was not the people of Malaysia that elected the Prime Minister, but a small group of people in a political party that did. As such, the Prime Minister needs only to satisfy the demands of this small group at the expense of others.

Therefore forget about seducing the people with promises that once in Putrajaya, all our problems can be resolved. Thinking this way is delusional; societies cannot simply be engineered or manufactured to suit a particular circumstance. Societies must be given a chance to evolve organically and find its own equilibrium.

It looks like we have wasted 51 years trying to build a nation.

Instead of a multicultural nation, we have ended up with loony supremacists and religious bigots who can only show their mob strength domestically but are out-performed and outclassed internationally.

Is this not the result of the untiring work of a benevolent despot whose objective was to establish the perception of racial supremacy based on religious beliefs rather than on the intrinsic strength of its own cognitive faculties?

These people are useful only as long as their minds are wrapped in ignorance and their lives are manipulated to serve the elite’s craving for more power. They can never understand that Malaysia is dependent on other countries.

The only strength a country has in facing global challenges is its people and the value of their intelligence. For Malaysia, this can happen only when all Malaysians stand as one, not as a slogan but as a country. Failure to understand this means the country can be easily threatened and manipulated by others for their own purposes.

Certainly Sabah’s and Sarawak’s founding fathers did not bargain to build a nation of religious zealots and bigots. They did not bargain to be manipulated and taken advantage of, and certainly they did not bargain for their wealth to be pillaged and plundered as an excuse to build this nation.

They agreed to Lord Cobbold’s definition of Malaysia: “Malaysia should be regarded by all concerned as an association of partners, combining in the common interest to create a new nation, but retaining their own individualities.”

Is Malaysia today an association of partners? Do we have a common interest to build a nation? Do Sabah and Sarawak, as partners, still retain their individualities?

We in Sabah and Sarawak have been denied many things these past 51 years, but manipulating our societies and, specifically, the minds of our youth, is unforgivable.

We have been unconscionably taken for granted and our development forgotten. West Malaysia is prospering at our expense.

It cannot be denied that it is our wealth that has caused all these ills and stunted Malaysia’s growth as a nation. It is our intrinsic right to take it away legally.

We have allowed West Malaysia and its elites to determine the pace and direction of nation-building. 

However the present corps of intellectuals in Sabah and Sarawak are not interested in compromise any longer. If ever we consider rebuilding Malaysia, it should be from our perspective and by our standards, not the vision and standards set by West Malaysia and its elites.

There is obviously no beauty in division and there is no strength in unity as well. Democracy for all intents and purposes has proven to be the tyranny of the majority.

A nation is built through hard work and perseverance, not by protecting and pampering the majority at the expense of others.

Japan did it, Korea did it and Singapore did it. Why should Malaysia be an exception to this rule?

Happy Malaysia Day.

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