Monday, 2 February 2015

"Nations Without States totally condemns Malaysia (malaya) towards the remanded"

Nations without States totally condemns the remanded yesterday of, and now on bail, nine Sabah activists under the umbrella of Sabah Sarawak Union (UK). Their only crime it seems is for attempting to raise signatures for a petition calling upon Malaysia (read malaya )  to put back their rights and  wealth they are extracting from the country (Sabah). Malayan authorities (where the central power resides) clearly do not like their policies to be criticised, especially within the nations they control. Whilst they might like to act like a dictatorship they are a part of the Commonwealth which is supposed to promote freedom of expression. Either, Malaysia must leave that body or the Commonwealth must act against them.

Serve the Nations for Self Determination :

Graham Williamon (Director)
Doris Jones ( Comittee & Diaspora for North Borneo)



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