Monday, 23 March 2015

The Brooke Trust


The Brooke Trust is a charity working to share and preserve the captivating 175 year old story of the Brooke Family and its connection to the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

The Trust was founded in 2010 with a vision to preserve and share the unique story of the Brookes and Sarawak to inspire and enrich the lives of present and future generations.

The Trust’s mission is to advance charitable aims through strategic projects that inspire learning, preserve and extend knowledge, and engage diverse communities for the greater good. We aim to achieve this mission by bringing the Brooke history and legacy to life through storytelling, record and artifact preservation and imaginative historical projects.


The Brookes were the White Rajahs of Sarawak. They were the stuff of legend; books have been written, music composed, and movies made. Before its fall in 1941 to Japanese conquest, the state of Sarawak on the north-west of the island of Borneo was ruled by three generations of the Brooke family from the West Country of England.

Rajah James effectively ruled until 1863 when in ill health, he returned to England. His nephew Charles was named his successor. Rajah James spent his remaining years at his house, Burrator, on the edge of Dartmoor outside Plymouth, where he died in 1868. Charles’ son, Vyner took over as the third and last Rajah of Sarawak in 1918. Sarawak was occupied by the Japanese from 1941 to 1945. In 1946, the state was formally annexed by Great Britain as its last colonial acquisition. In 1963 it joined with Malaya and Sabah to form the Federation of Malaysia, in which it remains to this day.




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