Sunday, 7 June 2015

"it IS our Sacred soil"

My fellow travellers, despite that my mind wants to say a lot, I shall do my best to share with you the shortest version of this message. I am sure you enjoy going to places and countries. You may have your bucket list checked as done. And if in your bucket list, you have something like "Do photo shoots at <insert the place> naked", I do hope you pray for your children and family you love dearly for the rest of your waking moment. Fortunately for some of you, you did a great service to my people and killing innocent souls with your behaviour. We do have beliefs, you know. We are very proud of our Mountain, the highest in South East Asia, Mount Kinabalu. 

But you may care less about all these despite the fact that it IS our Sacred soil. Haven't you ever heard of that? I mean Sacred as in you have to be respectful, you know. As a traveller, I would think you would have all these in mind: to respect the place, its country, its people, its culture and background, and so on... unless if you had no sense at all and are totally retarded. Yes, you have done it! You have climbed up the summit of our beautiful Mountain and as a plus, you also have made NAKED photos of you. Congratulations! 

You DID it!!! 

And then you left our soil after your proof and shared the world of your awesomeness. Know this, you did what you needed to do and purposely tainted our soil with your tiny dingy and your huge ego. It IS our Sacred Mountain, okay? Your ego and that little dingy wingy of yours have woken up our Big Guy. He is so upset today and did you know what happened to the cabins up there such as the Laban Rata? I am sure you have left your marks there too. It is a nice place to stay the evening/night while waiting till 2.30am because you have to reach the summit early to witness the beauty of God's creation. When the sun rises, it does amaze the climbers. I do hope you enjoyed the view too. So... a hut is gone. 

Many climbers are still stranded up there, some hurt and did I hear that there were people who didn't make it to celebrate their next birthdays?!! Well! My fellow travellers... Please do congratulate yourself for being naive and disrespectful to our dear Sacred AkiNabalu. May you rest with a peaceful mind while having your beer and a good laugh at your checked item in your bucket list. (Edited the incorrect words - I don't want to be disrespectful to your parents.) For your info, I am a native Borneon and we speak Akinabalu language. 

Please next time, when you go to a foreign land, do respect their customs, culture, etc. I do have another one request though, please add one more item in your bucket list: "Give and pay 'sogit' to Aki Nabalu". Sogit means a blessed offering. Or else.... well! Let's just pray...

Jenn George


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