Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sabah Earthquake: They were never prepared because they never expect this thing to happen

Maximus Ongkili said the lack of respond by the SAR team is caused by lack of training and preparation of such type of disaster and most of them never expected it to happen, in his short meet with Wan Azizah at Kg Bundu Tuhan, Ranau Sabah.

"At the end it is the guide that lead the way. What do you expect the police to go up when they never train to go up the mountain in their life?" he said in respond to PKR President who highlight the respond over the SAR that angered many people especially the stranded climbers and mountain guide.

Maximus also said that he was told by a pilot that the helicopter is not mean to fly beyond 5,000 ft and to go 10,000 ft the air is thin, but Wan Azizah disagreed and mentioned a packaged food drop that failed to reach stranded climbers and fell of the valley.

Maximus explained further that the helicopter cannot maintain idle and have to keep moving because the air is thin on top of the mountain peak.

Wan Azizah urge the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water to better prepare for future disaster due to past tremors and hot spring where indicate it is an active area for earthquake.

Maximus was told by the bomba and the police that they never climb the mountain and he admit that they can do better by having a more permanent action plan as Mt Kinabalu is a world heritage site.

He also made comparison to the recent Genting Highland disaster when mud slide struck the valley along the places and even their SWAT team cannot do much work.

8 Jun 2015
Kota Kinabalu


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