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Some Sarawakian remain too attached to anything Malayan that they prefer to be reliant to Malaya/Malaysia, both politically and psychologically


And not only politically and physically, but also mentally, and the bad news is, some Sarawakians seem to be letting themselves to be colonised volunterily.

The figures are still high now, but it is very fortunate a lartge number of Sarawakians had became aware about this, and chose to break free from Malayan 'chains'.

There are so many Sarawakians who still prefer to be subordinates to Malaya, even considering themselves hardcore and loyal Malaysians, when Sarawak had been treated unfairly over the last half a century, and the Sarawak rights under the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63), without which 'Malaysia' would never existed, had been breached and broken.

It seems they are very much ready to be 'slaves' owned by Malaysia, not as an equal partners as stipulated in MA63. The Malayans had somehow succeded to make them (the Sarawakians) to believe that to survive, they would have to continue to be dependent on the Malayans.

But as fellow Sarawakians, we cannot blame them, as the Malayan propaganda machine had worked wonders over them to make those poor Sarawakians believing that the Malayans want them to believe and not the truth, and even to make things worse, the Malayans had ruled with a cruel fist (ISA, Sedition Act 1948) to force them to believe.

All we can do now is, to help convince these fellow Sarawakians to break free from the Malayan mental colonisation, no longer be dependent on Malaya/Malaysia, and to think about independence for Sarawak.

How are we going to do that? Firsthandly, we need to understand why some Sarawakians are very dependent on Malaya/Malaysia, and how those Sarawakians are somehow 'addicted' to Malaya.

After more than half  a century being a part of the Federation of Malaysia, some Sarawakians had in some way absorbed 'Malaysia' and 'Malaya' as part of their lives, despite of the apparent unfair treatments given to Sarawak, until they may not be able to be dependent from Malaya, and from there on, able to make decisions on their own.

Those Sarawakians are being very dependent on Malaysia and Malaya, and most preferring to keep on to live inside their 'comfort zones', and will not want to bother for a massive change, that is ultimate independence. But how will Sarawak be independent if the greater part of Sarawakians are being very dependent on both Malaya and Malaysia? 

In a sense, those Sarawakians are 'addicted' to Malaya and Malaysia, and they are one way or another not free in making decisions, in fear of losing so much should they become liberated from Malaya. 

Usually, Sarawakians can be reliant economically, culturally, socially and personally to Malaya, and the reliance can only be overcame once the dependent individuals break free by being prepared to make sacrifices, as Malaya may have been making sure us Sarawakians to be dependent on it all through the years, and will go on to do so to keep us submitting to them.

How are Sarawakians being reliant on Malaya economically? Malayan jobs, either with Malayan companies or the Federal departments, make available livelihoods for a great number of Sarawakians. And sadly, due to his dependence, those Sarawakians may be indifferent to see Sarawak separated from Malaya.

Another characteristic that shows the dependency of some Sarawakians on Malaya is when it comes to goods and services. Those Sarawakians generally are too dependent on Malayan goods and services, even though there are in reality superior and cheaper local Sarawakian alternatives. Malayan propaganda over the years had represented Sarawakian goods as 'of poor qualities' and even 'hazardous'.

 Isn't there is a likelihood that there were hands during the last fifty years, in making sure we Sarawakians will continue to be dependent on Malaya? Isn't there a probability there were efforts to make certain the considerable economic disparities between Malaya and Sarawak?

Besides, the majority of Sarawakians are dependent on Malaya culturally. Sarawakians over half a century, had accepted Malayan/Malaysian cultures - Malayan literature, films, TV shows, songs, and sports events (for example, Malaysia Cup football) - as a part of their lives, and may not want to give them up simply.

While it is tolerable for a people to assume cultures from outside their territories, it must be very incorrect for the people to be passionate to those cultures and even being dependent on them, even to the degree of overlooking their own.

This is what Malaya may have been doing to Sarawak all this while. While peoples had acknowledged foreign cultures elsewhere, it is surely not natural for peoples to deem some foreign cultures as their own, and even being too reliant on them.

Socially, Sarawakians also can be very dependent on Malaya, particularly in education, health, administration, legal practices and event politics. THis we cannot avoid as Sarawak is still lacking in term of social development and educational, health and legal facilities. Nevertheless, that does not mean we should carry on being reliant on Malaya.

"If Sarawakians want to start think seriously about independence, they must see Malaya/Malaysia as a foreign land, and Kuala Lumpur is not a place we should idolise, so that we can be free from the Malayan mental colonisation"

Source: The Sarawakian Sarawak Freedom Magazine July 2015


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