Friday, 17 July 2015

Police approve Sarawak Independence Day assembly

Gathering approved but procession from Sibu Townsquare to Sibu Gateway disallowed

SIBU: Sibu police have approved the application of two individuals to hold a public assembly to commemorate Sarawak’s Independence Day on July 19.

Tay Swee Teck and Franky Anong had initially applied for a permit to hold the assembly at the Sibu Townsquare and subsequently a procession to the Sibu Gateway which is one kilometre away.

“We have approved the permit for the gathering minus the procession. The suggested routes are located in the centre of the town and could obstruct traffic flow and disrupt the public’s daily activities,” Sibu Police Chief ACP Mohd Kamal Kordi told reporters at the Sibu Police Headquarters, here yesterday.

Mohd Kamal said police would not hesitate to take action against those who did not abide by the condition of the permit. It is learnt that ‘Sarawak For Sarawakians’ group will be taking part in the public assembly.

The group is seeking support from members of the public to urge members of the State Legislative Assembly to pass a law or referendum to return the rights of the people to express their will.
Sarawak gained independence from British colonial rule on July 22, 1963.


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