Sabah dan Sarawak adalah BERSTATUS NEGARA dan bukannya Negeri.

Sabah dan Sarawak adalah sebuah Negara yang MERDEKA DAN BERDAULAT yang mana kedua - dua NEGARA ini telah bersama-sama dengan Singapura dan Malaya untuk membentuk Persekutuan Malaysia pada 16 September 1963.

Happy Sabah (North Borneo) Independence Day 51 Years

Sabah or previously known as North Borneo was gained Independence Day from British on August 31, 1963. To all Sabahan, do celebrate Sabah Merdeka Day with all of your heart!

Sarawak For Sarawakian!

Sarawak stand for Sarawak! Sarawakian First. Second malaysian!

The Unity of Sabah and Sarawak

Sabah dan Sarawak adalah Negara yang Merdeka dan Berdaulat. Negara Sabah telah mencapai kemerdekaan pada 31 Ogos 1963 manakala Negara Sarawak pada 22 Julai 1963. Sabah dan Sarawak BUKAN negeri dalam Malaysia! Dan Malaysia bukan Malaya tapi adalah Persekutuan oleh tiga buah negara setelah Singapura dikeluarkan daripada persekutuan Malaysia.

Sign Petition to collect 300,000 signatures

To all Sabahan and Sarawakian... We urge you to sign the petition so that we can bring this petition to United Nations to claim our rights back as an Independence and Sovereign Country for we are the Nations that live with DIGNITY!

Decedent of Rajah Charles Brooke

Jason Desmond Anthony Brooke. The Grandson of Rajah Muda Anthony Brooke, and Great Great Grandson of Rajah Charles Brooke

A true Independence is a MUST in Borneo For Sabah and Sarawak.

Sabah (formerly known as North Borneo) and Sarawak MUST gain back its Freedom through a REAL Independence.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Tolak Najib atau Tolak UMNO?

Saya memang tolak Najib dan tolak UMNO. Ini pandangan dan tindakan saya. Jelas seperti kristal jernih.

Ada pandangan yang kata kita tukar Najib untuk kebaikan negara. Tetapi UMNO harus kekal memerintah demi Melayu dan Islam. Saya kata pandangan ini salah. Buktinya?

1. Tun M letak jawatan kerana tekanan yang mengatakan beliau sudah terlalu lama dan bakal rosakkan negara dan tidak Islamik. Beliau akur.

2. Tun A ganti malah lebih teruk ekonomi negara. Banyak perkara tidak terkawal. Orang kata Tun A terlalu lembik walaupun agak Islamik. Beliau akur dan letak jawatan.

3. DSN ganti, juga masih teruk. Ekonomi merundum, banyak isu tanpa jawapan jelas. Digesa letak jawatan malah memecat orang lain.

Kalau sudah tiga kali ganti masih tidak ngam, maka apa masalah sebenar? Kepimpinan? Bukan. Masalahnya ialah UMNO yang sudah berakar umbi dan melahirkan jenis kepimpinan ini. Gantilah bagaimana, masih tetap sama. Selain itu ialah masalah sistem pentadbiran negara yang banyak dikuasai rangkaian pemimpin UMNO. Selagi rangkaian ini tidak diputuskan, penjawat awam tidak akan dapat buat kerja dengan baik. Ada peluang untuk dipecat jika tidak ikut arahan.

Jadi mau tolak Najib atau UMNO? Jawapan saya tolak UMNO maka Najib dan pemimpin yang sejenisnya ditolak secara langsung. Rangkaian busuk dalam sistem pentadbiran bakal diperbaharui dengan rangkaian baru. Mereka yang baru ini sudah tentu lebih berhati2 dan ini baik utk negara.

Masih ada persoalan lagi. Katanya kalau UMNO kalah, Melayu dan Islam hancur.

Cuba kaji sejak lebih 50 tahun ini UMNO buat apa dengan Melayu dan Islam?

1. Peratusan ekonomi utk Melayu/Bumiputera tidak pernah capai sasaran. Sebab apa? Rasuah dan kroni, akhirnya projek alibaba.

2. Ruang dakwah begitu terbuka luas, tetapi Islam masih takut rosak aqidah hanya kerana lihat perkataan Allah diguna agama lain dan lambang salib. Ketika di negara barat, Islamnya berkembang walau dikelilingi rumah ibadat agama lain. Sebab apa? Sebab Islam di negara ini hanya topeng untuk raih sokongan. Ini menyebabkan bukan Islam memandang serong terhadap Islam.

Jadi siapa rosakkan Melayu dan Islam? Jawapan saya UMNO. Walaupun demikian, masih ada alim ulama dalam UMNO termasuk yang sudah jadi YB. Saya yakin mereka ini tetap diterima rakyat walaupun tanpa lambang keris itu lagi.

Jadi masih mahu tolak Najib? Janganlah. Tolak UMNO terus. Baru Ngam.

Hasmin Azroy Abdullah.


I noted that Peter John and Mujah were grilled incessantly on the words 'negara' and 'referendum' at the balai polis. now, i will reserve my comments on the word referendum, but i cannot keep my silence on the negara status of Sarawak.

Now, look at this book, Malaysia Agreement. it is the mother of all documents on the formation of Malaysia. Without MA63, there is no Malaysia. Without Malaysia there is no Perlembagaan. One senior minister James Masing even noted, if MA63 is breached, then it becomes null and void. meaning there can be no Malaysia then.

MA63 is an international treaty lodged with United Nations. Why the UN accepted it for registration when submitted by Britain in 1970, after Singapore had departed to become an independent nation is beyond my comprehension but that is not my contention here.

What I want to say is, if Sarawak was not a negara at the time MA63 was inked then the Agreement cannot be valid becos in international law only sovereign nations can enter into an international agreement.

If Sarawak is a negara at the time of signing the Agreement, then why must the federal govt be unhappy if we want to re-affirm that Sarawak negara status. why must we be questioned if we say Sarawak is a negara?

and why must the federal government be alarmed if we talk about MA63? it is the Agreement that forms Malaysia, and this book is obtainable from the govt printing offices. Why is it wrong to talk abt MA63 then?

Why must the Sedition Act be used to threaten those who question our negara status and our rights, why must even a legitimate NGO be declared haram and considered as a threat to public order and national security?

Will Sarawakians and Sabahans bow down to intimidation and threats?

Source: Lina Soo

Catalonia calls early elections in new independence push

The leader of Catalonia has signed a decree calling for early parliamentary elections on September 27 which will serve as a proxy vote for the northeastern region’s potential secession in a fresh attempt at gaining independence from the rest of Spain.

Catalan president Artur Mas announced on Monday that if pro-independence parties secure the majority of votes in parliament then the region, which accounts for a fifth of Spain’s economic output, will aim for independence within 18 months.

While the Spanish general elections are due in 2015, the early Catalonian vote puts pressure on Madrid. The Catalan nationalist leaders have recently signed an agreement on what they call “a road map” to secession which aims to implement the plan by 2017.

The region’s three pro-independence parties are predicted to win 68 to 72 seats in Catalonia’s 135-seat parliament, according to last month’s La Vanguardia poll.

The Catalan coalition called “Together for Yes” comprises the ruling CDC party, the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) in addition to associations responsible for pro-independence rallies in the region. By last week the coalition had already presented plans to create a Catalan tax agency and agreed to establish a public credit institution which could later could be transformed into a Catalan central bank.

Spain’s central government in Madrid furiously rejects the notion that elections in Barcelona should be viewed as a referendum on independence.

“In a regional election one chooses lawmakers for the regional parliament, who in turn elect a president of the region. This is what citizens are deciding with this vote and nothing else,” Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, said on Monday.

Last year a symbolic vote on independence showed that some 80 percent of the 2.2 million people supported separation from Madrid. Prior to the November 9 referendum, Madrid blocked the vote through the Spanish Constitutional Court.

In the fallout stemming from a symbolic independence vote which was conducted despite a court injunction, Spanish state prosecutors filed charges against referendum supporters including Mas.

In the meantime, the Spanish general election is expected to take place in late November. As Catalonia braces for its new attempt to gain independence, popular support for regional secessionist groups in the region has dropped due to internal politics and the emergence of popular nationalist parties.

Spain’s regional elections in May showed big gains for upstart leftist and center-right parties with conservatives losing their majority: The results have been the worst for Mariano Rajoy’s People’s Party in more than 20 years. Voters have punished the Prime Minister for four years of severe spending cuts and a string of corruption scandals.

Rajoy now faces stiff opposition by relative new-comers, the Podemos and Ciudadanos parties which have appealed to voters by calling for more transparency and accountability in politics.

Alleged S4S promoter charged in court

SIBU: A 47-year-old purported promoter of Sarawak for Sarawakians (S4S) was yesterday produced in a Magistrate’s Court here to face a charge under Communication and Multi-media Act 1998.

When the nature of charge was read and explained to Yeu Bang Keng, 47, from Tiong Hua Road, through an interpreter in Mandarin, he said he understood the charge but denied it.

The offence framed under Section 249 of the Communication and Multi-media Act 1998, and punishable under Section 242 of the same Act carries a maximum penalty of RM100,000-fine or two years’ jail or both on conviction.

Yeu is charged for refusal to provide his Facebook username and password to the police in their investigation into a commentary in his FB posting at Sibu Central Police Station at 4.30pm on May 15.

Clad in a black S4S T-shirt when he appeared in court yesterday afternoon, Yeu was granted bail of RM15,000 with two sureties.

As bail condition, magistrate Saiful Sayoti ordered that he deposit RM10,000 in the form of fixed deposit certificate with the court.

State Deputy Public Prosecutor Mohd Azrul Faidz preferred the charge against the accused who was not represented.

The case comes up for further mention on Sept 2 and for trial on Oct 8.


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