Friday, 12 February 2016

How I make my stand today?

I learn hard and I work hard. My family background is poor. I have to work at night to pay for my studies. I was educated in Malaysia and then pursue to Singapore; thereafter to USA for short period of time. Job in Borneo was offered to me but by someone from Sabah, Virgin Island and Australian Judge. 

As, I work with this foreign company and people, brings me to United Kingdom. In UK I gained more education and end up worked in High Court and also at Old Bailey Criminal Court. Not easy to gain life, that is for sure. Later being appointed as member in The Multipurpose Inter-Parliamentary Union, given title of Her Excellency but not that I use the title often. Later, I being appointed as Nation Without States for Borneo Diaspora and one of the Main-Commitee & also a member of United Nation, UK based.

My participation in SSKM (Sabah Sarawak Keluar Malaysia ) is as honest from my heart , for my families and friends. get out from the oppression.

After years, I had an accident and end up using wheel chair and the same time I join and do campaigning for Borneo , but also for Malaysia overall.

I have to drag my wheel chair to Borneo for spreading awareness. I am not asking for sympathy, not at all. My fall and blood also leaked to the Borneo land and Malaya. Ones seen it happened. GOD IS FAIR - I am now can walk but not for too long distance.

Now, my stand can be called as Politician but base in United Kingdom; serve the duty for Borneo and South East Asean/Asia Voice.

Source: Doris Jones


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