Saturday, 30 April 2016

We're in the process of claiming our Rights through United Nation

As being part of the member of Returned Services League Australia, it's an every year events that I went to few suburbs from April 23rd to 25th for Anzac Eve Service, Anzac Dawn Service, Anzac Day Parade, and Commemorative Service.. I met all the RSL sub branch Presidents and thank them, to the Australian Armies for being part of our history, fighting for North Borneo Sabah and Sarawak during the World War 2 against the Japan. Without their backing up, we the natives of Borneo might be vanished from our Land Below the Wind.

There's one old man at his age around early 60's (Personal details privately kept) who told me that his generation since his grandfather, and his father and himself are all served their life as an Australian armies. He's never been to Borneo before, but his father did.. He told me that his father one of the armies fighting with the guerillas, and who walked along the Sandakan's trails to Ranau, what they called it "Sandakan Death March" during the Japan tried to colonised Borneo in 1940's. He seemed like have a greater information about my hometown's history than myself, since we've never being taught our true history in public educational school.

Not only that, this man are the one who start the conversation about North Borneo first, before i even begin with the topic. When he said "we still have few collection of North Borneo's stamps".. Then i asked him, whether or not he knows about the formation of Malaysia, he then answered me, yes he knows, but the information that he have is more before Sabah Sarawak still under the rule of British... They knows better, how the four countries form Malaysia in 1963, and how the Singapore ceased in 1965. I then told him that we're in a process of claiming our right from the Malaysia Agreement 1963.. Then he said, "it should be done long before, at the same time when Singapore ceased from being part of Malaysia".. Then i reply him, "it may be because we are not fit to run our own country yet during that time with lack of education, but it doesn't meant that we are not fit now since we have many great educated leaders, it's just that they don't stand together as a team".. I continue explained, "we're in the process of claiming our Rights through United Nation to reveal and justify the Malaysia Agreement 1963, and we need 300,000 signatures for the petition, that allows us to open all and everything what's beneath including dragging the corrupted who fail to fulfill the 20 Points of Agreement terms.. I am part of the hundreds volunteers who collecting the signed petition and try to educate our people with the history, knowledge and our Rights on our land.. Our representative she's in UK, the one who confronting with the UN and facing all the challenging of being verbally assault by the group who are not agreed for Sabah Sarawak to claim our Rights".. 

He then said, "It is a nobel of you all to educate and to claims your rights for the better future of your generation. It is not easy, but it's not impossible. As long as you all standing together, you will never be defeated. But if you fail for the first time of claiming your right, never feel down and giving up. It's just the first try. There's a country who gain their freedom and independence after 100 years of fighting. Imagine how many generations they need to keep them to be prepared along the process. Just never let your history forgotten and keep on encourage your people for a higher education. Once it's forgotten, your hope will be lesser to none", he said..

I have a great conversation with these groups of great people. And as our conversation concluded, I am not only get their solidarity supports to signed the petition, but the great of all, i get few volunteers, to whom i passed my files that I've prepared, to help with collecting the sign petition.

May the justice will be gain for the rights and the truth.

Source: Elvera Edward


I hope this is true....
And I support your action..
For our country freedom...

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