Monday, 29 August 2016

Lawyer questions how Malaysia can be 59

Priscilla Lau
SIBU: Displays and advertisements declaring that Malaysia will celebrate its 59th ‘ birthday’ have gotten lawyer Priscilla Lau perplexed.

She pointed out that Malaysia was only formed on Sept 16, 1963, making it 53 years old next month.
“Only Malaya is celebrating its 59 years of independence from Aug 31, 1957,” she stressed.

Lau said Sarawak just celebrated 53 years of independence on July 22, while Sabah, which gained independence on Aug 31, 1963, will celebrate its 53 years of independence on Wednesday.

“Aug 31, therefore, has no significance for us Sarawakians,” she said.

She reiterated that referring to Aug 31 as Malaysia’s Independence Day is inappropriate as there was no such thing as Malaysia’s independence.

Lau said her intention of bringing up the matter is to educate rather than criticise.

“An attitude of acceptance of a wrong will never right a matter. We must seek to right a wrong matter in every possible way so that our generations will not be ignorant of our history,” she said.

“History has already been written. We cannot seek to rewrite history through our ignorance of the truth.”

Source: Borneo Post


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