Thursday, 20 October 2016

Leiking: Let Sabah decide its own educational direction

Penampang MP says there is no reason why Sabah cannot emulate Singapore in developing an innovative and excellent education system.

PETALING JAYA: Penampang MP Darell Leiking has outlined his vision for a Sabahan education policy where children of the state are nurtured through a fair and progressive education system.
Speaking to FMT about the proposed Sabahan education policy, which he and Semporna MP Shafie Apdal are pushing through their new Sabah-based multiracial party, Leiking said it was high time the Land Below the Wind decided its own education matters.
“Sabahans know the local terrain and culture far better than those outside of Sabah,” he said, adding he believed Putrajaya had not given Sabah its due entitlement in terms of education funds.
“In Sabah, we have so many schools which are in a dilapidated condition.
“Perhaps, even more damaging, is the lack of East Malaysian history in our textbooks, including the terms of the formation of Malaysia and the role of our forefathers in Malaysia’s formation.”
Leiking said he and Shafie had a plan to develop a generation of Sabahans who not only excelled in academic and vocational education, but were also trained to think “outside the box”.
He added that the moulding of students under such an education policy would begin from preschool.
“Just look at how Singapore has built its education system and how many other nations have designed their education to create a hardworking and innovative culture.
“Have you ever wondered why hundreds, if not thousands of Malaysians, travel from all over the country, especially Johor, to Singapore to send their kids to school in Singapore?
“There must be something that Singapore has done to make travelling there worthwhile.”
Leiking said with the talent and experience Sabah had, the state could also do what Singapore did.
He added that he and Shafie envisioned a total revamp of how children could be educated.
Earlier this month, Leiking told FMT that his new party was pushing for a new education policy for Sabah, among others, as part of a “new deal” the party wanted to offer Sabahans.
Leiking said the party was working with a team of technocrats, academics, professionals and businessmen to formulate a new deal for Sabah.


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