Tuesday, 4 July 2017

If given the choice of being a Sarawakian or a Malayan? I'll choose Sarawakian

I am a Semenanjung newcomer in Sarawak, and I fully support this page's (Sabah Sarawak Keluar Malaysia Facebook Page) effort to shield Sarawak from the negativity of Semenanjung.

Yes, liberalism in religion is prohibited. And so is extremism. 

Many Sarawak Malay Muslims don't mind if the Non-Muslims, or Muslims rule their country, why? They trust each other, they uphold unity of Sarawak more than their own religion and race. Sarawak first, then whatever race or religion you are.

I have friends from the Sarawakian Malay community, Sabahan Catholic, Orang Ulu Evangelists....and they are respecting each other. The non-Muslims even apologized to me for eating or drinking in front of me, eventhough I said to them, "no, I don't mind it".

The Christians used Allah in their Bible? I asked carefully to my Christian friend why. And I get the answers. And I understand the decades of mixing between Muslims and Non-Muslims. And the Sarawakian Malay Muslims know the difference between the Islamic Allah, and the Christian "Allah".

No racists and ultra-religious nuts here. People are open-minded, even the Muslims here.

And it's total opposite of the culture I have been taught and raised in Semenanjung.

If the independence of Sarawak is because wanting to shield the racism, ultra religious, division and corruption from infecting this fair land, let it be. 

The liberalism practised here is tolerance and knowing and respecting other religions, not clamming in your own race and religious shell, just like in Semenanjung. 

Mosque and church side by side? No problem here, but a major issue in Semenanjung. 

Go to a Christian or Buddhist marriage? No problem here, labeled as heretic and "murtad" in Semenanjung. 

If given the choice of being a Sarawakian or a Malayan? I'll choose Sarawakian. No point living with my brethrens who does not know anything about things beyond the South China Sea. 

And I base all of this from my experience, living both in Sarawak and a native Semenanjung. 

Peace out.


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