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A call for re-study of Sabah ties with Malaysia The Straits Times, 17 August 1965

A call for re-study of Sabah ties with Malaysia

JESSELTON, Monday. The United National Pasokmomogun Kadazan Organisation (Upko), headed  by the Minister for Sabah Affairs and Civil Defence, Dato Donald Stephens, today called for a reexamination of arrangements made in respect of Sabah's entry into Malaysia in view of Singapore's separation from the federation.

A statement issued by the party, following last night's national council meeting, said a six-man standing committee had been appointed to carry out this reexamination.

The Upko national council expressed "grave concern" over the Central Government's future relations with Sabah "since Sabah was not consulted before the irrevocable decision was taken to separate Singapore from Malaysia" and since the party believed that Sabah's was very closely linked with that of other malaysian States and Singapore.


The statement added: "Deep regret was expressed at the way Sabah was treated and the feeling was unanimous that as one of four component parts whch got together to form Malaysia, Sabah had every right to be consulted before such a far-reaching decision was taken."

The council last night considered the implications of Singapore's separation. Dato Stephens, who presided over the meeting, gave a full account of what transpired in Kuala Lumpur in connection with the decision.

Dato Stephens offered to resign from the party's leadership but the council felt he was "in no way to be blamed for what had happened," neither was the State Government.


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